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Tuesday, August 25, 2015 - 5:00pm



What is this…...?......


This is no chic-picnic. It’s actually not fancy whatsoev. It’s also free. We are here to invite you to a democratic gathering in CRAB Park on Tuesday, the 25th of August. The task at hand is simple – dress head-to-toe in your blackest clothes, grab some friends, some food and beverages, a big blanket and set yourself down for the evening for peaceful resplendence in one of Vancouver’s finest parks.

You must be warned however: There will be gay people here. And Latinos. Lots of them. Some Persian folks. Native people. Students with massive debt. A handful of Greek people. The dreaded Quebequois. Some Swedes. A smattering of Peruvians and even worse, some white people that work in IT.

This is an evening of a resounding positive community eating dinner together. An ad-hoc, barely-even-organized, family-friendly event.

This might be a good evening to leave your dog at home, because no creature in history has loved picnics more and things could get very dicey if a ton of people come out. BUT SERIOUSLY – NO DOGS, even though they are so damn cute.

Rather than being a candle lit affair please only bring those tiny crappy battery powered fake plastic candle lights or any other battery powered glowing lights. Let’s not light the park or anyone’s hair or pashmina afghan on fire.

*This is not a Rain or Shine event. Not even close. If it’s raining - it’s a Netflix night. (still tax free, Thx Stevie)

*Important! Please take with you all that you arrived with. A cleanup crew has already been organized to ensure the park is left as pristine as possible.

*We ask that you also bring an item of non-perishable food to donate. We are looking to partner with the Food Bank and they will be on site in a clearly marked area accepting food donations. There are some people out there that could use some extra help, so why don't we help?

All black clothing. Food. Drink. Friends. Big Blankie. Tuesday, August 25th. 5pm.

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