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Frankenstein, 1945 - Pay-what-you-can preview


Monday, October 24, 2016 - 8:00pm


Set in post World War II Berlin, Frankenstein, 1945 explores the world of Victor Frankenstein, a young doctor who has recently severed ties to the Nazi medical experiments, and Elizabeth, a young Jewish engineer returning home to Germany. In trying to make peace with the horrors they have witnessed they try to develop a way to bring back the dead. Frankenstein, 1945 is a stage-noir thriller about the monsters created by us and within us... and what happens when we let them loose.

Preview October 24th pay-what-you-can 8pm
October 25-28th 8pm October 29th and 30th 2pm and 8pm
Studio 1398, Granville Island

Featuring: Madelyn Osborne, Gregory Radzimowski, Natalie Davidson, Munish Sharma, Anais West, Zach Wolfman, Jessica Quartel, Ryan Scramstad, Brennan Campbell and Pedro Chamale.

Stage Manager/Production Manager: Diana Bartosh
Technical Director: Nicole Weismiller
Sound/Projection Design: CJ McGillivray
Lighting Design: Daniel Tessy
Set Design: Jared Raschke
Interior Set Design and Props: Meaghan Cate
Costume Design: Shelby Wyminga

Written/directed by Mily Mumford

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Presented in partnership with Theatre Wire. Produced by Nebula Company Theatre.

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