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Free Party - Restricted Entertainment Friends & Family


Saturday, January 28, 2017 - 9:00pm


It's our once a year Customer Appreciation party from Restricted Entertainment ... which also just happens to be celebrating DJ Pandemonium's 20th Anniversary!

Calling all friends from the nightlife & film industry, all friends who work in any field related to art, music, tech, film, performance, all friends who just like going out and enjoying music ... this party is for you!

This is a 100% FREE industry party & family gathering for all creative weirdos of Vancouver! Once a year, the crew from Restricted Entertainment, who put on SIN CITY, MADHAUS, VANCOUVER FETISH WEEKEND, SPANK (and Sanctuary, and Rock & Roll High School back in the day) throw a FREE CUSTOMER APPRECIATION PARTY for our extended friends and family!


If you've ever come out and gotten jiggy at any of the nights, or if you are friends with or work with any of our crew, or if you want to drag some new friends out for a first time, or if you are totally new to all this and just want to check it out, COME ON BY! The vibe of this event is 'big fat awesome house party!' Don't be shy, we want EVERYONE there from our huge extended family!

THERE IS NO DRESS CODE FOR THIS EVENT! Please just come in whatever you are most comfortable in, we just want to celebrate with you there! Cameras more than welcome! But of course feel free to dress wild if you so desire ... it is a Restricted Entertainment party after all!

Cover is FREE and by donation only, but we are asking for a measly $5 minimum donation at the door if you can manage it to help pay for all our awesome performers. And of course feel free to donate MORE at the door towards the event cost! Anything extra will go to the various surprise performers who will otherwise be performing for free, and we HIGHLY encourage you to buy lots of drinks and tip the staff well for letting us have this opportunity!

We will have some of our infamous local DJs on the decks playing a wildly eclectic mix all night :

DJs :


We will be running a retrospective anthology of all our videos from Sanctuary, Sin City and Vancouver Fetish Weekend on all the visuals screens all night! Come take a trip down amnesia lane!

We will also have performances by some of the sexiest burlesque performers in Vancouver, including:


Invite everyone and anyone you wish, but please make sure that any newcomers follow our family rules of best behaviour, no judgements, open minds, and total acceptance of everyone's creative weirdo-ness!

Oh yeah, it's also Restricted Entertainment head honcho Isaac AKA DJ Pandemonium's birthday .... and his 20th anniversary of DJing & producing the events in our fair city ...

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