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Mr. Peanut Drawings: Book Launch


Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - 7:00pm



Please join Berlin and Vacouver-based artist Vincent Trasov for an evening of drinks and merriment at Franc Gallery, Vancouver, in celebration of the release of Mr. Peanut Drawings, a new artist's book published by New Documents.

In 1970, Trasov assumed the identity of Mr. Peanut, donning a handmade paper mâché replica of the mascot of the Planters Peanut Company. Soon after, he produced The Mr. Peanut Mayoralty Campaign of 1974, a twenty-day performance developed in collaboration with members of the Vancouver arts community. The legume quickly became Trasov’s cipher and a central component of his practice.

Mr. Peanut Drawings collects nearly a hundred of Trasov’s Peanut drawings together with a text by Nancy Tousley. An accompanying limited edition signed Risograph print by the artist is also available.

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