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So, I am married and I have 2 kids. My husband works from 4am to 5pm and goes to bed at about 8pm. We just moved for his new job to a tiny town that has pretty much nothing. The whole town is like a 10 miles from north to south, east to west.
I am miserable here. Though my husband doesn't seem to care. He is "too busy to care" and "stop acting like a moody teen." He expects the house to be cleaned to his standards etc. And honestly I feel more like a caged animal then a wife.
He used to help manage a goth night club. He would wear all black had a Mohawk etc. But he started a new job 6 years ago and for abut a year after that job he cut his hair (had to for the job) but also started dressing "normal" the kind of shit his dad would wear (his dad actually gave him old clothing of his) I feel he did it to now not be judged by co-workers. He even stopped listemming to goth music and doesn't really like when I play it so I just play it in the car. Now he seems to just listen to what I like to call "white boy rap".

We have been together for 8 years and for the past 5 I feel like his personality has changed with the job change. I almost am not sure anymore if he was part of the goth scene because he had a job and all his friends since he was 16 were goth. It feels like now that no one he knows is goth he is "normal" which isn't who I married. I am attracted to other goth people not people in flannel button-downs and khakis who listen to rap.

I just don't know what to think we went on a vacation in 2015 with goth friends from our home town and during that week he cut his hair back into a Mohawk and packed his new rocks and Tripp pants. As soon as we got back it was back to normal stuff and it just feels like he did it just because everyone else is and now that only his wife is he doesn't need to anymore. I almost feel catfished that the first 3 years of our relationship he was goth and now he isn't and it is hard because I 1 pretty much never see him. When I do he complains about the state of the house and how cleaning it is my job because I am home taking care of the kids. I don't mind cleaning but I told him lately I feel depressed because I am home in this house all day with young kids and there is nothing to do outside in this town and I know nobody, 0 adults. So I spend pretty much days on end only talking to children and when my husband comes home he expects dinner, complains about the house being too messy and "what did I do all day?" Then goes to bed at 8pm

I don't know how to feel it is like he 1)isn't the person I married anymore (maybe I am being to vain) and to he doesn't seem to care how I feel at all because he "has it harder than I do and he doesn't have time for anything let alone care about my feelings."

I have just been feeling alone and depressed.

I just need some advice.

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