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CLAN OF XYMOX, Curse Mackey, A Cloud Of Ravens, Red Vienna. Live in Vancouver.


Saturday, June 10, 2023 - 7:00pm until 11:00pm


*NEW DATE: JUNE 10 ,2023*

Tickets on sale at:
The Invisible Orange Presents...

Dutch Goth Rock band formed in 1981.

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Wrapping Things Up

Gothic BC landing page from 1999

The calendar view has been removed, as well as some of the ways to enter the forums. It's still possible to create dated event listings and new forum posts, but I am de-emphasising the content.

For some time now my interest and ability to mantain the site as an active resource have been waning and the amount of user-created content has been approacing zero and I spend far too much time removing spam. In other words, after nearly 25 years, Gothic BC is dying.


Coffin Club Hallowe'en

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Coffin Club
The Red Room
One hundred sixty nine photos by Atratus from Coffin Club Halowe'en at The Red Room are now up in the public gallery
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Angela Benedict Hits the Nail on the Head

So much of what she says here in deconstructing "Goth Rap" covers off why more and more I feel like turning off Gothic BC for good.


60 Photos from Coffin Club

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Coffin Club
World Goth Day
Sixty images by Atratus of Coffin Club's long weekend World Goth Day party at Imperial have been added to the main gallery.


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