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Happy House

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Pictures of You

The gallery has crossed the 60,000 mark. There are now 60,120 photos in the gallery and more coming soon!

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Yule Log Lady

Press F11 to go full-screen to really enjoy.

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Brexit Boots

My "Brexit boots" arrived today. I'm calling them "Brexit boots" because I bought them from The Gothic Shoe Company in England when the Pound bottomed out right after the Brexit vote and as such saved a bundle. These are my second pair from these guys and I can't recommend them highly enough. *happy dance*

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The Cure

Bad Vibes May 25, 2016 set list

On May 25 I was on Bad Vibes on CFRO (you can listen to it here.) Marc Godfrey and I were picking from a list of music that I brought with me depending on how the conversation went. I came armed with almost three hours of music for a one hour interview, with everything picked for a reason. This is the fourth in a series of posts where I run through those choices, including the ones that we didn't get to, and talk about why I picked them. 

In this post I'll cover the rest of the the Cure songs played and not played. But before I get started, I have one question. Is anyone reading these. Seriously. Comment here, like, +1 or comment on one of the automatic reposts, anything, because I really don't know what the fuck I am doing any of this (or anything at all) for. 


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