What is unacceptable in the forum and comments?

Here's some basics of what will get you turfed off the site:

ALL CAPS pisses me off. If you have an all-caps username maybe go change it, because I'll hold that against you. Posting in all caps is annoying. Cross-posting and spamming in all caps is an immediate good-bye.

Being a creepy fucker is just, well creepy. Sure a lot of the pictures in the gallery are from a fetish night, but that doesn't make this a fetish site, a dating site, or a place for creepy trolls to do their trolling. See my blog post on Goth ≠ Fetish: Goth and Allied Scenes for why there are fetish night pictures here at all before you make a big mistake.

Spam is not tolerated. Promoting Goth-related B.C. businesses and events is just fine, but if you cross the line in spamming you'll get the boot. Cross-posting in the forums about things outside of B.C. or not Goth-related is a sure fire way to get the boot. If you are some dollar-a-day blogger from some third-world cesspool thinking you'll get away with posting about Chinese knock-off running-shoes or something like that, think again.

Stupidity or trolling - no really. Think before you post. The whole reason I got into the Goth scene in the first place was because I can't take brain-dead yobs. Goths have a reputation for being clever and literate. Live up to that. If you want to be a moron, that's what facebook and YouTube comments are for. If you want to be a pseudo-goth moron, you've got VampireFreaks. GTFO of here. This site started because I got sick of the signal-to-noise ratio on Usenet and I'm not going to let this site sink to the level of yet another unmoderated hell of vapid nit-wittery.


really the all capital

really the all capital letters thing bugs you that much??!!? well i hope you do not disagree with horrid spelling or the lack of using capital letters to begin new sentences. as well you said this is not a dating site. so if i found someone who shared my interests and talked to them i would be booted? is there a chat for individual conversation?

technically I am 21. However i stopped aging at 19 until i find my eternal love. http://mac25.deviantart.com/

star child wishes she could fly If I could fly to all you wonderful gothic people who I love dearly
so I wish you the best of the Christmas Season and a Happy New Year Much love to you all this is a great site and really enjoy it thank you . Star Child

star child wishes she could fly

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