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Changing the Picture of the Day

Last night and today I did some messing around with the "Picture of the Day." Clicking on the image link from the RSS feed now goes directly to the appropriate post in the gallery. The view of the current and previous pictures of the day now has a friendlier URL and a cleaner look. I'm also experimenting with posting the actual picture into the photo gallery of the Gothic BC facebook page rather than just having the page pick up the RSS feed. This is a bit of an experiment. There are some pretty major limits to posting photos to a fan-page progammatically so we'll see how it goes. On the plus side, the photos then actually reside on facebook so they can be tagged and shared on facebook. On the minus side, there's no way to select an album so everything goes into "mobile uploads" and I have no idea what happens when the album maxes out at 200 photos. Also on the minus side, there's no way to insert line breaks in the caption, so it is a bit ugly. The first one should post tonight just after midnight.



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