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Military Fetish Ball : 15th Annual : Presented by Sin City


Saturday, November 9, 2019 - 9:00pm


* Note that while military inspired outfits are encouraged, all fetish, kinky & risqué outfits of all styles are welcome and appreciate at this and every Sin City party! If military / uniforms are not your jam, no problem, c’mon out and party in whatever pervy attire you prefer!

Dress up, dance, socialize and get your kinky playtime on in a body-, sex- and consent-positive party atmosphere! No matter what your comfort level, there is a space at Sin City where you can feel comfortable and have a great time with like-minded sexy friends!

EVERYONE LOVES A MAN OR WOMAN IN UNIFORM. The Military Fetish Ball is our biggest non-holiday based fetish party of the year, and our favourite event for many, many people. SIN CITY continues its long standing tradition of hosting amazing, kink-centered theme parties with the return of the unbelievably popular MILITARY FETISH BALL, celebrating it's 15th ANNIVERSARY in 2019!

►Singles, couples, straight, LGBTQ+, cross-dressers, regulars and newbies are all welcome ... Sin City is a safe and welcoming pervy party & play space for everyone!


Strict fetish dress code as always, and though of course any fetish outfit you can dream up is great, we HIGHLY encourage sexy fetish military themed outfits for this event! If you have any questions about the Sin City Fetish Dress Code, check out the full dress code listing here :

If your attire is theme related but does not pass the fetish dress code, DO NOT expect to get in! Don't make us turn you away!


DJs : Pandemonium, R-Lex & Evilyn13



- harnesses
- army / navy / air force
- soldier / cadet / officer / pilot / medic
- Canadian / American / world military uniforms
- historical military outfits
- military / stompy boots
- hats / helmets
- bullet belts / handcuffs / riding crops
- camouflage
- flags
- aviator shades / cigars
- 1910-1940's vintage ---> HIGHLY ENCOURAGED
- classic pinup style ---> HIGHLY ENCOURAGED


- Deadly Couture (downtown, on Cordova)
- Camouflage (downtown on Granville)
- Gorilla Surplus (Broadway, between Clark & Commercial)



Sin City goes the extra mile (and then some!) at all our themed events, always striving to help set the mood for sexy creativity and inspire our attendees to match our efforts with their own personal involvement in the night simply by partying hard, pushing their own personal envelope, and looking and playing at their finest! Make sure and get a photo with one of our staff photographers, but remember that otherwise - there is NO UNAUTHORIZED PHOTOGRAPHY PERMITTED. No digital cameras, no cell phone photos, no selfies, no nothing. This party is OFF THE GRID and you will not appear in any photos, anywhere, unless you choose to, allowing for maximum naughty party times!

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