Left Spine Down, FMTA & Basement, Feb 18th

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Live on Feb 18th, 2005, at [b]Video In Studios[/b], 1965 Main St. Vancouver, we present to you a night of heavy industrial/punk-gothic/rock for all to enjoy....

[color=red]Left Spine Down[/color] ( ) - " With their unique cyber-punk flair and their penchant for political undertones, Left Spine Down promises to bring information to the misinformed, promising to provide a soundtrack for the new millennia."

[color=red]FMTA[/color]  ( ) - "FMTA is a mortiferous blend of traditional electronic, heavy industrial, and metal styles, with minor touches of alternative rock, classical, and even pop."

[color=red]Basement[/color] ( ) - "So what does Basement sound like? I'll spare you a bunch of nonsensical adjectives and name dropping and just tell you that it sounds like punk with a computer."

Show is all ages, $5 to get in... doors open at 7pm.

If you're sick of the lack of industrial shows around town (I know I fucking am), I seriously suggest you come and check us out. Trust me, you'll be glad you did.




Basement -

Hey that'd be pretty cool if you came. If you talk to one of us before we play we'll announce your birthday if you want, too.... hehehe :D