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well, not only am i new to this scene but i am also quite new to forums and such.... i have posted a blog but i don't know if anyone will read it as no one knows me... but, specifically i have a friend who likes to be spanked during sex and i am a bit of a novice at all of this kind of stuff.. but he pleases me soooo very much that i would like to do anything i can for him... i think it would be nice to maybe learn the finer points of spanking or maybe flogging...??? i am not sure... i know i am trying to arrange to take him to sincity and i think he would be interested in the dungeon... he and i both are, i would appreciate if there is anyone out there who is knowledgable about this fetish scene who might be willing to converse with me on the subject.... or maybe eventaully meet and show me and him some things.... i look forward to hearing back from someone who might be able to help me.... i am not interested in other novices... as i want someone to teach me.....

That's one of the things the DM's in the dungeon are for. The DM staff monitoring the dungeon are all very knowledgable and should be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

looking to learn  thanks, i will give that a try, my young friend is a bit shy about going, but he wants to go... do  you know anything about the need for I.D. at the door cause i have another friend that i want to bring and  they don't have any I.D. and you know how long it takes for that stuff to get back to you...

There are also bdsm classes and workshops that you can look into. Libido Events in Vancouver is a sex advocacy group that offers workshops on a variety of topics. Google Libido Events to check out what they offer. I think Club Eden may also have workshops. There are other BDSM groups throughout Vancouver; more than you may realize.