male sexuality

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Ok this is kind of going to be a question in the form of a rant.

Recently on a website i post my photography on (same idea as deviantart) i came across a fetish photo of a guy with handcuffs around his genitals.

im not personally into that but it was a rather neat photo so i went to give him kudos, i noticed there were dozens of comments demanding he take it down because its offensive for a photo of an errection..... this website is well known for its very graphic fetish and nude photography, you can almost see a girls teeth with the details of her genitals (bad joke i know). Most of the people getting mad at the photo were fetish artists of both sexes, the tittle was self bound so its not exactly offensive in that matter.

I checked out a few other photos and as well as other websites and its the same thing, i even found a photo of a guy in boxers with a hard on in the fetish catagory that had people griping.

So my question is more for the ladies (but anyone can answer): whats so effensive about a physical reaction to being turned on?

Besides, I was only looking for a place to kep my handcuffs.  Just kidding.

    hey, people are offended by everything, if it is legal then I say ignore 'em.  If it is, as you say, a website known for this sort of thing....well it's been said already.  Now that I think about it, this thread is also old, and likely no one will read this anyway.  *sigh*

Maybe some web pages should include an IQ filter to sieve out people that won't read warnings or cues.

Plus, why don't theyjust close the page if they don't like what is shown there, no one makes them look at it.

Perhaps the site didn't provide enough warning about the potentially 'graphic' content present? Unless this was true I'd consider any complaints to be out of place, since the viewers were warned in advance but decided to view the page anyway.

Anyway, people complain too much, in general, in all areas of life - in my humble opinion.