Any Musicians Among Us??

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If so, what do you play, and are you in a band? I've been playing guitar for about 2 and half years. I have a Yamaha DG-60FX amp. Used to play in a local metal band in the town I grew up in. Currently just song-writing on my own in Surrey. Have recorded a few guitar samples on my computer and also have a few mp3's of recordings from my old band which were recorded in my basement.

Bass, drums, and synth programming. Bass is my main instrument. I have two: a fretted and a fretless.

I started as a drummer in my teens, then switched to bass almost twenty years ago. In the nineties I did some synth programming and sampling for an industrial project. Still have my keyboards and sequencer, but haven't used them much in ten years. My last band was a year ago, playing bass in a Retro 80's cover band.

Anyone interested in a bass player for a goth project? I may be persuaded. (grin)

Dabbling in some experimental/ambient/avant-garde composition with various mediums(programming software, sampling, synth, etc.) that we (Luciferrot) use for music in our performances, but in the future, hope to make some records and incorporate more organic elements like vocals and live flute/violin, etc.

I`ve been listening to quite a bit of Diamanda Galas lately, and would love to try experimenting with some sort of multi-octave throat singing in the future.

        Yeah...i've been a musician for *gulp* 20 plus years. I learned piano as a kid and then self-taught myself on everything else. Nowadays I play keyboard/piano, rhythm guitar, bass guitar and drums. Also the flute on rare occasion.  My musical experiences over the course of 20 years has been all over the place and very productive. In the late 80s, early 90s, I was a studio musician for allot of the punk, goth, and alternative bands that made it semi big to big.  I feel that I shouldn't post said bands as I was only a studio musician, however, let me assure you they were big in their time.  (anyone from Vancouver/Victoria will know the bands I speak of)

        In the last few years I have been a touring musician with a few big-names in the industry here in Canada.

        Nowadays, I am working with two bands I am in as well as my solo project.

-Jezzen Haight (solo project)

-The Pissmints (punk band I have been with on-and-off for 10 years)

and my current favorite...

-Rubber Glove Seduction.....this consists of an amazing creative team of myself and three awesome ladies, Lady Vermath, Joolz, and Pennygirl, that put so much into the band. We DO NOT define our sound as we like going all over the map when it comes to our music.  Hopefully we will be doing live shows soon and our website will be coming out shortly too.

I guess that is all.

-Jezzen Haight


      Wow, huge question.  Well, I guess the short answer is I studied voice for 5 years in college, before enrolling in the University of British Columbia Classical Guitar performance program...but as Theory, Composition and Orchestration are my first loves, (started at 6) I transferred to the composition  program for a while.  I do mostly film music for crappy indie films, and music editing for television to pay the bills, recently just did some work on the TV series Kink...and am finishing a made for TV movie called Elijah just doing basic music editing and music prep.  My main real interest in the band scene is singing, I have fronted several bands but never had a chance to do Goth Rock which is my preference..mostly done 80's hair metal cover bands and such.  My theory background is extreme, it is basically my first language, and I have the ear to match. 

      I, as well as everyone else in this thread it seems, badly wish to form a Goth Rock band, though more in the line of HIM and Type O negative.  have had a brutal time finding musicians who want to do the same,  Should anyone be out there who wishes to discuss the matter, I gurantee you I spend more time working on music than anyone you have ever I literally do little else, and music always comes first, I live for this shit.  I should be clear,though, that it is mostly vocals I wish to do.  I know many say the same as there is a misconception that any jackass can do it, but I assure you there is a big difference between someone who sings in the shower and someone who can sell a vocal line to a critical audience, even if they are reluctant to like what the band s doing.  Those of you with experience, I am sure, know exactly what I am talking about.

    Anyway, if anyone sees this who wants to discuss the matter, PM me or something, as I am going to pop if I don't get this out of my system soon.  Later


I played cello until I moved to Berlin last autumn when i had to leave my cello behind due to lack of space. Since my brother and his girl-friend finally moved out last weekend, I will pick my instrument up at my parent's place asap. I hope I have not lost too much skill. I played for ten years, but was never better than just OK (I did not see the point in practicing more than a maximum 60 minutes a day and during a certain age, I hardly practiced at all). I played in two different orchestras for a year each.

I also sing in choirs since I was 11. Until last summer, i was member of two choirs, one of them being really good (our recording of Stölzel's christmas oratory has been hailed as a masterpiece by several music-journalists). Then I moved away and now I only have one choir (the week definetly has too few days - I just could not fit in another one), which is not even good, but the people are nice.

i am a compositor also i've been playing guitar,bass guitar,syntsizer for 9 years... but my project is an electro/goth project,that's why i am on programming/sequencing/editing/sampling,sound directing and synth composing... and all vocals are performed by me... i am alone in this project... i also want to say, i m not canadian,i m turkish,i ll be in canada in abt late of June... my project ,called Velvet Sentiments,has 6 songs , and i performed in abt 20 parties in Turkey,also 6 concerts... , i want to go on to this project in canada when i ll move there .. if there's some-one who knows abt electronic music as a musician and who loves the bands (diary of dreams,icon of coil,gothminister,l.a.m) and their sounds... please contact with me...    if you want to hear my sound,please contact with me on msn (

I play guitar, bass, bagpipes, brass horns, and more.

My hubby has an amazing voice

and my roomie plays wikkid guitar. ANY DRUMMERS OUT THERE? hehe.

Hey guys,

I've been playing guitar for 14 years now (has it really been that long?), singing for 7 years and programming/sequencing/editing for 2 years.

I've gone through a lot of musical phases...I listen to a lot of different stuff still...but so far my all time favorites are a 3-way tie with NIN, U2 & Marilyn Manson. Yes, I put U2 right between two monolithic goth-rock machines. I can't really put my finger on why I love U2...maybe they represent a little of my own idealism.  I definitly know why I love NIN and Manson.  ;D

These three are my main influences and, I'm sure at times, traces can be heard in my own music.

I am looking for musicians to put together a band to play my stuff live. I'd like to give Vancouver the good kick in the ass it desperately needs. If anyone here knows anyone who might be interested, I've got samples of my stuff I can easily send.

Thanks guys

I've played the Sexophone for almost 10 years, as well as various other wind instruments including the clarinet, bassoon, flute, and contra bassoon. I'm currently a music Major at kwantlen in langley, and umm I'm part of the wind ensemble and Jazz band there.:P

Ive been taking voice for 4 years, playing piano for 8 (specifically jazz for 3), musical composition for 2 and have just started leaning Bass.

Played in no bands.

I play e-guitar and write stuff.........I'm taking singing lessons due to lack of practice. Since I've been movin around all the time there was not really a way to get in a band

I play e-guitar and write stuff.........I'm taking singing lessons due to lack of practice. Since I've been movin around all the time there was not really a way to get in a band

i have an industrial solo project based in toronto right now, but i'm moving to abbotsford in early november and i'll be auditioning guitarists and drummers for live shows.  you can hear my stuff at  how can i hear these mp3s of your band?

Have been a musician for about 10 years, clasically trained in Piano and music theory.  Wrote and performed under the name "Discipline of Anarchy" for 4 or 5 years in Vancouver (Twilight Zone, Brickyard, Hungry Eye, etc.) and released a CD through Factoria Records titled "Misanthropy".

Lately, I have been writing strictly instrumental music with a much darker and more orchestral feel.  Earlier music was sort of Goth/Industrial...

There are two recent compositions on my website [url]

Made electronic noise/soundscape as Katastrophen Tourista and NHK.

Played guitar and screamed til' I puked with the American Deathfuckers.

Will be starting BlackBlack(Guitar and Drums) with KittensKittensKittens once he gets out here(Montreal).

Improvised free music...always(why does it always lead to balls and rock riffs?).

Should you want to hear what I did with the Deathfuckers, go to:

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