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I don't know if anybody has seen this, or has heard about this project, so I'm passing this on.  >> this website is messed up , but is bound to provide a few minutes, or possibly even hours, of fun. If you can figure it out.

Apparently it's a music project involving Dave Ogilvie (skinny puppy), trent reznor, monster magnet, and maybe a few others. I only just found out about this recently, so if anybody knows more, I'd love more info.

Also, if you click the little floating 4 on the first page you are presented with sort of a riddle. there is space to enter a 6-letter password, and a hint is provided. but I can't solve it for the life of me. If anybody can figure this out please let me know. I've tried everything I can think of, and it's got me stumped.

I own the Jakalope CD and positively love it.  It sounds sort of like a mix between Lacuna Coil and the Birthday Massacre (to me).  Look into it, for sure.

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