La Bohème

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I just had a wonderful idea that I'd like to share... An entirely contemporary, Gothed-up version of La Bohème.  Thinking about it I'm not sure if it would work better rewritten as a non-musical play, or done with contemporary costumes and settings with the original language and music.

I read through a translation of the opera today and I think the way I am going to tackle this is to start by creating it as a graphic novel, which will serve to story-board the action that I can then adapt into a play.

BUt I can definately see the potential for a play.  There should never be a want for Dialogue with a philosopher in the dramatis pesronae.  It also has drama(pathos) laced with moments of humour, something I've been told is very popular. 

I shamefully acknowledge my ignorance of the piece, but thanks to the link you provided I am now intrigued to know more.  "Rent" was based on this, right?  Your idea sounds interesting.  Let me know if I can help in any way.  (Remember that at present I have way too much time on my hands).


I'm thinking a camped-up comedic play (and only in a Goth-comedy could Mimì's death by consumption be made funny) would work very well.

I went to La Boheme a while back with my grandfather...  it was a birthday present, and I really enjoyed it.  A Gothed-up version would be quite interesting to see, and if you ever get the idea off the ground, you really must let us know.