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Being from the Valley, and having a severe shortage of goth friends, my musical connections are limited.  I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of bands to look into.  My musical collection, at the moment, ranges from Future Sound of London to NIN, but I'm trying to broaden my horizons...  so suggest away.

Here are some music sites that might be helpful!   :)

For [color=red]Female  Goth Vocalists check out this link for ideas at Sonic Cathedral, from Goth

groups all over the world.

For Goth metal all over the world go here, they also have streaming radio too.

For Death Metal go here, click link & scroll down for complete band listings.

For  Extensive Canadian music of all kinds.

This has Band listing signed & unsigned this is a good link


For B.C. [color=red]Punk go here

Later  8)


No idea on the local scene but here are some bands worth a listen, most aussi industrial, EMB, synthpop and Tech metal.

Angel Spit, these guys are cool, they have a synth poppy feel, just good fun really. They played a support slot for KMFDM when they came out to Sydney.

Ikon, i have no idea what to label these guys, non the less, they are cool, one of Australia's bigger dark exports.


Angel Theory


Alarum, tech or prog metal, they are cool non the less.

Daysend, again metal, not all that heavy, rather melodic.

Most of these guys have music available on their site, Angel Spit have the whole EP up for free download on their site( ). I hope you find something you like among that lot.

As for techno, i cant reccomened much,  but my favorites are:

[color=red]Blutengel- These guys make some very good Darkwave, Songs are Very catchy and include male vocals

[color=red]Das ich- Well, this is Very bent towards ones own tastes, not for most though,

Contains slow beats and Very very very strange male vocals, all in german

blutengel are - imho - quite dumb. cheesy songs, stupid lyrics.

das ich are nice, though (see above). especially their album morgue

I'de like to guide you in the way of newer Metal, Heres some of my favorites and reccomendations

[color=red]Anorexia nervosa- French-english Death metal, Hard to find though

[color=red]Necrophobic- Some good songs, also hard to find

[color=red]Necrophagia- These guys are purely death, Very fast catchy songs, i reccomend "parasite eve" and "The sick room"

[color=red]Samael- These guys sway more to doom metal, Slower tempo, But still very good

[color=red]Amon armath- Heavy doom, not one of my preffered, but still good

[color=red]Macabre- These guys are mostly joke metal i'de say, with a hint of death. They seem to do alot of songs on murderers  :-/

[color=red]Napalm death- Well, self explanitory lol

[color=red]Sirenia- Well, i don't quite know where to put this, First female vocals on this list so far, Good nonetheless

[color=red]Vintersorg- Good, i suppose death, but i don't quite know, German also

[color=red]Immortal- One of my favorites, Super speedy drums, Great solo's, Bland sometimes annoying Vocals though

As for techno, i cant reccomened much,  but my favorites are:

[color=red]Blutengel- These guys make some very good Darkwave, Songs are Very catchy and include male vocals

[color=red]Das ich- Well, this is Very bent towards ones own tastes, not for most though,

Contains slow beats and Very very very strange male vocals, all in german

[color=red]VnV nation- Not bad, thats all i can say  :K)

Not actually local ;) But still good:

-Deine Lakeien and Helium Vola (everything with Ernst Horn is far above all doubt)

-Das Ich. OK, they are not really a pretty sight, but some of their songs are great.

-In Extremo are nice - just don't let anyone speaking swedish listen to them. A friend of mine took ages to stop laughing. If you like them, try out Quntal and Saltatio Mortis.

-Terminal Choice are quite funny - though involuntarily. Ever heard english with a saxonian accent? Hilarious...

-If you really feel like strange music, go for whatever came up in 80es' Berlin. Tödliche Doris, Einstürzende Neubauten, etc.

-For the soft-hearted, there are always Wolfsheim - the single most motionless stage-performance you can possible encounter, but really nice synth-pop ("Kein Zurück")

-Some Lacrimosa-stuff is really neat (I never imagined they could do such a great life-performance. They actually know how to seriously rock). Elodia is a great album.

- Artrosis and Closterkeller. Just make sure you get the english version of the albums. Or learn polish ;)

- Welle:Erdball are cool

- ASP is quite OK

- soko friedhof have some nice songs, so have Untoten (which are basicly soko friedhof minus one)

And of course, the classics: Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, the Cure, Silke Bischof, Siouxside and the Banshees, Sex Pistols, the Ramones (after all, we are all just dark punks), die Ärzte (at least the old material - though some of the new stuff is neat, too)

Really stupid music is made by Umbra et Imago and Goethes Erben (unless you either like sexual content with bad music shoved into your face every other song (Umbra) or pseudo-intellectual non-singing(Erben)). Beware!

For anyone in chill out music, there is winter chill 06.02 by hed kandi that's awesome. Also does anyone know where I can buy the album "damaged" by Razed in Black. I've been looking all over town and nobody seems to even know about it????

Local stuff eh...

Well, there's my amazing project Forging Another Empty Life (which should be released on the web any day now.)  ;D

and just off the top of my head, we have:

Synthetic Minister

Urceus Exit

Landscape Body Machine

Seventh Image

Caustic Pleasures

Stayte (used to be local)

Kooper Kain

St. Vitus Dance


Left Spine Down


Nim Vind




...who else am I

...if you like metal:

Strapping Young Lad




Some delicious Indie Punk:


Foster Kare (formerly Karen Foster)


The Dollar Store Jesus

Dayglo Abortions

All these bands aren't necessarily "scene" but I much prefer supporting local talent as opposed to some German futurepop band distributed by Sony. Which isn't to say that German futurepop isn't good music, just simply that they don't need my support as much as the locals do.

Well I'm into some of these bands that are pretty cool

New Order, The Swans, Bauhaus, Switchblade Symphony, Bella Morte, Sisters of Mercy,  VnV Nation, Joy Division,  Funker Vogt, This Mortal Coil, Apoptygma Berzerk, Covenant, FPU, Underworld, The Damned,

Heh, back in my mohawked past at Expo '86 in Vancouver, I walked past a sound stage where I heard the most unusual noises thumping and grinding away, which were totally out of place with the surroundings.  There was a pretty decent crowd, so getting a look at the stage in the makeshift amphitheatre wasn't easy.  I spotted a guy that I just *swooned* over, God he was cute, screaming into the microphone.  But it was hot, and crowded, and I badly wanted to see the Rameses II exhibit (again), so we left.  I had no idea then that the band I watched was Einstuerzende Neubauten.  I read about it the next day in the paper (might have been in Discorder, now that I think of it) and almost died.  I knew so many people that liked them, yet I had never heard their music before.  I liked some of Test Dept.'s stuff, and even some Throbbing Gristle, but early industrial wasn't totally my cup of tea (still isn't) - but it was a fantastic show.  Glad I got a glimpse.

How could I have forgotten my sworn favorite band ever:  Einstuerzende Neubauten. 

Their 80s stuff is noisy percussive chaos, and now they're like a Lounge act with powertools and PVC pipes.  Awesome.  Listen to Ende Neu or Silence is Sexy.  The new one perpetuum whatever is probably good too, from the way they were on tour.

Few random examples from what stuck out in the pile beside my desk (and/or on my computer):

yelworC is awesome if you like skinny-puppy style horror electronic music (try the new album "trinity").

metal:  dorn (austrian melodic deathmetal) and opeth are my favorites

german folk-metal:  in extremo is good

synthpop:  praga khan is pretty good

orchestral-folk-techno-industrial:  helium vola is one of my favorites

EBM: icon of coil of course, and "the azoic", imperative reaction...

percussive noise: feindflug is good

kraftwerky C64 electronic:  Welle Erdball is fantastic.

gothy-sorta rock: london after midnight

Hey, I'm not a big music connaisseur but maybe this can help a little...



[/list]If you like electronica, I recommend bjork (not goth, I admit but defenitly f**ked enough to be considered)



[/list]If you like industrial I would recommend Razed in black, ViV Nation, The birthday massacre, the cruxshadows, also there is a magazine out there call INDUSTRIAL NATION, it's hard to get your hands on it because it prints out once or twice a year but i know they sell it at Chapters, anyway there is cool bands and reviews in that magazine.



[/list]If you like soft metal (i know it's quite contradictory but it exists), i would recommend HIM and Placebo (they are not really "goth music" but they're pretty cool)



[/list]If you like hard metal , there is Craddle of Filth, Marilyn Manson (but watch out he's getting soft), Orgy (they're kinda pop but pretty good), Kidneythieves & Lacuna Coil(better versions of evanescence, WAY BETTER), Page Hamilton

[list]And Now for the mainstream of the mainstream, the icing on the cake, the pop category of the "goth scene" , AFI, Disturbed, Linkin Park, Deftones, evanescence, a perfect circle, Trust compagny and so many others ... They are all good bands, i just doubt they are considered "goth" by goths.

There is also a whole bunch of Internet radios that offer goth music, if you have a mac (and maybe it works on PC's as well, not sure) go to and search for goth music, it should come up with a whole bunch of results...

Hope this helped a little...

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