Synths and Keyboards and Stage Pianos and such

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This seems like as good a forum as any to do some informal research, so here I go:

I'm a classically trained piano player looking to get a synth or stage piano that will be a little more portable and practical than a full-sized piano. I'm looking for something that has 88 weighted keys and still has that same piano feel. Secondary to that, I dabble in some electronic stuff as a hobby and am looking for a device that will also double as a simple MIDI device with a few assignable controls.

Currently I've got my eye on the Roland RD300GX stage piano. It's got enough built in sounds to make me happy, 3 assignable zone sliders, a 2-band EQ, and a few more really nice features. Most of all, it plays well and the key weighting is closer to a piano to me than any other boards I've tried.

But it's a tad on the expensive side, coming in at around $1500 (not including a stand, bench, and maybe a small amp).

Is anybody familiar with this stage piano and able to offer opinions on it? Can anybody out there suggest something similar that will fit my needs, but for a lower pricetag?


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