What's Your Favorite Murder Ride?!

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Be it serial killers, vampires, or ghoulies...  Whats your favorite Horror flick?  I lean more toward the blk& white and B-rated.. but gore holds my attention the most.. So List your favs for the love of the season!

I'm a slasher fan really. Always been a Jason fan, when Freddy vs. Jason came out, I found myself in the theatre opening night cheering for Jason to beat the living you know what out of Freddy. I'm also an Evil Dead junkie, mainly for the one liners and the way Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell were able to blend horror and comedy so well. But my favorite types of horror flicks have to be the extremely brutal and graphic films like Saw and Hostel.

I am a zombie-flick person myself, but I have to admit that I seek out the most ridiculous-sounding "horror" movies I can find just to laugh my arse off.  For example:  Ankle Biters (it's a movies about dwarf/midget vampires).  Heck yes!

i love Ravenous.  Cannibalism, psychosis and the best use of a bear trap ever.

Favourite line:  "That was.....sneaky...."

Oh, and the Leprechauns series has a special place in my heart.  Not sure which is better: Leprechaun in Space or Leprechaun in Da Hood....

Stupidity! That movie is brilliant and witty for an independent B film! Hell, I OWN the damn movie! :-)

"Oh no! It's the atheists!!"

I admit it falls apart a little bit in the last half hour. But otherwise, I think it's great.

Did I mention it's a musical!?

If you like kung-fu and vampires, rent Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter! It's the most far-fetched and lame independant film that I've ever seen in my life, and I recommend it to anyone who watches films just to laugh at their stupidity.

On the more serious side, I liked Hellraiser 1 a lot.

Any of you ever seen "Satan's Little Helper?"  That was a gut buster if I've ever seen one!  Check that flick out if you want some shit to laugh at!  The little kid cracks me up~

Dead Alive.

How can you not love a Kung-Fu Kiwi Priest with the line "I kick arse for the LORD" in it. Not to mention the highly innovative use of a lawn-mower as a defence against zombies.

Horror?  Horror that makes me laugh - and that means so over-the-top (or such gross effects) that it's absurd.  That being said, my fave is Evil Dead II.  Although stupid cheesy vampire movies have been known to turn my crank - ever seen Near Dark, or better yet, Innocent Blood?  Best one-liners in a vampire flick ever.  Highly recommended (Sam Raimi does a cameo as a worker in a meat locker warehouse).  The next time you walk into a video store and everything you really want to rent is out on loan, rent Innocent Blood or Near Dark.


I seem to have a thing for TeenSlasher fics. Not to say that I actually like watching them, it's just the effects are so bad, the plot so pathetic and the crowd so easily scared that I can't help but laugh. I was thrown out of the cinema during "Wrong Turh" for making fun of the scenario...

On the other hand, I really like well written suspense or terror flicks. Usualy serial killers and stuff. The more psych things. Too much gore and guts makes me laugh(the perfect example of too much gore and guts is Cradle of Fear, very funny movie).

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