213 Pictures from Sin City

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Two-hundred thirteen pictures from Sin City, thirty-two behind the filter.

Wow a whole new world out there....who knew?
What do you wear and where do you go? What is the age group?
Where do you purchase what you wear? Is it expensive?

Take a look in the shopping and fashion forum here on the site for suggestions on where to buy clothes.

The calendar will give you a run down on events, and you'll generally find the club addresses in the listings.

The photo gallery is just about as good a resource as any to see how people dress. Sin City isn't particularly representative of the Goth aesthetic since it is really a fetish-scene oriented night that happens to be what we call "Goth-friendly" (you'll find as you look closer at the Gothic subculture that there really a bunch of overlapping and tangentially related scenes involved). The galleries associated with "Convergence" will give you the best idea - Convergence is an annual international event held in a different city each year that has a significant fashion component and always includes at least one fashion show.

"Age group" is less correct that "age range." Of course clubbing in British Columbia necessitates being 19, but lots of people get into the Goth scene much earlier. At the other end of the scale bear in mind that this is a scene with it's roots in late 1970's post-punk. And with members of seminal first-wave Goth bands like the Cure's Robert Smith, Souixsie Sioux, and Peter Murphy now surpassing 50, there's really no upper limit. I know a couple of regulars at the local clubs that are in the neighbourhood of 60. The median age at the clubs seems to be mid-to-late 20's, however. The median age at events like Convergence seems to be mid/late 30's to early 40's.

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