306 Photos from Sin City Valentine's

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Sin City
Club 23 West
Three hundred six photos by Atratus from the February 12 Sin City Valentine's party have been posted to the the photo gallery. [ click image to view ]

I can only view 80 photos, it says 0 are hidden.
Im in one photo where there is no adult content, im wearing a kilt and chainmail, the woman thats with me is in a full pvc dress and another guy in skater bondage shorts and suspenders so we are all covered, and we weren't doing anything risqué

Now that there are often hundreds of photos from a given event, the ratings are also used to automatically decide which ones to keep in the permanent archive. Photos that have not been rated above a certain threshold are expired after three months.

Under the skin, votes of 1 to 5 five stars are counted as negative numbers (i.e. 1-star is really a -5, and 5-stars is -1) and 6 to 10 are positive numbers (6-stars is 1, 10-stars is 5.) For a Sin City photo to stay up after three months it has to have an aggregate vote total greater than zero.

The exact formula for computing the vote total is on the "About Gothic BC" page.

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