The Ghost of Hallowe'en Past

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Purple Onion
I've gone back and reprocessed old images from another gallery. This time it is the Sanctuary Hallwe'en party from 2000 at the Purple Onion. They're still old pictures from a first-generation digital camera so there are limits, but I've fixed what I can and they are higher-res and better quality than they used to be. In the early days of Gothic BC all the gallery pictures were scaled down to a mere 400 pixels high and heavily compressed to conserve bandwith and disc space in the final days of the 20th century when 56 Kbs modems and 40 MB hard drives were the norm.

This gallery is of the Hallowe'en costume contest. The winner was theemrdark in the Killer Clown costume you see here. The gallery also includes the first ever picture I took of now famous alt model evilyn13, long before modeling was even on the radar for her. 

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