Sneak Peek of What's to Come

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I've begun working on some major improvements to the photo-gallery. For those of you that are paying attention, here is a sneak peak of the work in progress:

Bear in mind that this is work-in-progress. All you will get is a collection of random images (exacly how many will vary as I test things.) I've done very little cross-browser testing, and honestly have no intention of even bothering with versions of MSIE older than 7. 

The key new feature is dynamic resizing of the images of the images. When I originally decided on the size of the images was back in 2000 when I was pushing the envelope designing a site for 1024x768 rather than 800x600 and I had to worry bandwidth limits lower than what most people have for thier phones these days.

 There's a lot left to do As of writing this there is only the the basic framework for navigating through a gallery of images. I've still got to put the image captions together, navigation through the different galleries and views, support for the legacy URL schemes, tagging (which I intend to improve) and the rating system.

For you programmers out there, ever had those moments where you look at something you wrote six months ago and you can't figure out what you were thinking? Well, some of the back-end stuff I'm looking at is 13 years old.