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why is it when you have a boyfriend another 3 lads turn around and say they like you

but when you are free and single again no-one seems to like you. ??)

but when finally a guy does like you he turns out to be

a) a minger

b) a geek

c) or a complete ass who doesnt no how to treat a girl

i think i might just give up whys life so unfair


no the point of that was not just to say im straight, however i cant stress that enough. the point of it was pretty much dont feel bad nobody likes me either.

Ya, thats kittened. I have found the same thing to happen. When you're single nobody likes you and then when someone finally does like 5 other people like swarm you and beg you to go out with them. It's kittening kittened what's wrong with this rainbow?

[Edited for foul language by your lovely host, Trixy]

this is an interesting line of conjecture - why do you attract people when with someone?

some traits that others seem to pick up on and are attracted to:

1. happiness - a smiling person is simply more attractive

2. confidence - always works - you feel good when you have someone in your life

3. direction - when you get a plan together and begin following it , you have focus and energy and that is attractive to others - this works whether you're with someone or not - for example when you're planning on moving, relationship options start falling in front of you....makes a lot of sense.

4. pheremones - on a biological level, you exude more pheremones when your sex hormone levels are higher, so the more successful you are, the more pheremones you are emitting

or my favorite....

5. Murphy's law.....

I am confused as to whether the post was about clarifying Stargate's sexual orientation (although I am not even 100% sure of their gender) or about further stressing the fact that they love Pink Floyd...  Either way, it's irritating.

As for you, midnight, what I have to say is this:  Sometimes it seems like everything sucks and that there is only hope when you're in no position to take advantage of it.  Keep in mind at all times that you are young, you have your whole life ahead of you and that you don't need to be with someone else to be happy.  Try to make yourself happy, first, before you go off and start attatching yourself to other people.  You will find that a sense of self-confidence will attract men as much as being unattainable and that you won't be pressured into accepting the first offer that comes your way if you're not seeking someone to fill your emotional void.

It's easy to get into relationships you're not really happy with because you're lonely, and it hurts that much more when you realize if you had waited a little longer you might have found something better.  Never settle.  Never sell yourself short.  Embrace being alone sometimes.  You don't always have to be dating to have a good time.  Love yourself and others will love you...  and you will be better equipped to love them back.

Was the whole point of that post to tell us that you are straight? Any way, being liked by no one is very goth.

Midnight, I fully sympathise. I've dates my share of UTTER LOSERS, and always felt too sorry for them to dump their sorry arses when something better came along.

Well, I might settle for one of those as long as they're of the opposite sex (I'm straight, if that wasn't clear). Nobody, and I mean nobody likes me, so thats when I go and sulk in my Pink Floyd muic.  I love Pink Floyd.

[11:09pm Edited to meet Trixy's grammatical standards...  because she is being bitchy tonight]

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