Combat boots and fabric paper

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I was at the Rock Shop the other day and was surprised by the price of their t-shirts. Too expensive for me, so I've decided to try making my own shirts. A friend of mine told me that he prints his with something called "fabric paper". Does anybody know where I can buy this?

Also, I've searched the forum for "combat boots", and haven't found anything. Weird I thought. Does anybody know of any surplus stores, preferibly downtown?


'Fabric paper' is quite similar to transfer paper... only it's fabric that you print the images onto and then stick said printed fabric onto your cothing item of choice. You can get it at any stationary supply store right next to the photo paper and transfer paper.

Combat Boots: I know for sure Camouflage (on Granville at Smythe) would have some, although you might be best off grabbing the Yellow Pages and looking up 'Army Surplus' for cheaper stuff around town.

Fabric Paper: No idea. Best I can think of is t-shirt transfer paper (good old-fashioned iron-transfer paper that's blank, which you print designs onto from your own computer).

They're not in Canada but I recently bought some shirts from these guys online and the prices (as well as shipping cost) was very reasonable. And with our dollar doing better these days, it doesn't hurt as much to shop south of the border:

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