Custom leather work?

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Hey folks,

My spiky wristband has been broken and unwearable for almost a year now. I'm starting to feel a little bit naked without one, but I don't think I'm satisfied with buying the usual fare that is found in retail stores around the city.

So I'm looking for somebody out there in the community who does custom leather work. I have a fairly specific idea in mind for what I'm looking for as a replacement, but I'd like to get a quote on what this accessory I'm envisioning will cost.

If there's anybody who can help me out, can they please send me a PM?


Dressew has big pieces of leather for cheap cheap cheap although I find old belts/handbag straps from value village tend to have a nice finish to them already.

Just to let you know, you can achieve rather fantastic results with a leather punch & spikes & a snap or two (you can get those from a leatherworking shop, I think there's one on Broadway near Oak?) and a trip to Value Village to get some old belts.  You can make a bunch of collars/bracelets for really cheap.  If you are REALLY skint, you can make a bunch and just move the spikes around from piece to piece as needed (the spikes are the expensive part).

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