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hey everyone

im just wondering where i can get some gothic clothing in vancouver and boots

im new to the gothic sub culture and i would like to knnow where to shop

Valerian has an excellent point. I don't think there are a set of rules for dress either. It totally depends on you taste. Anyone who has met me, knows I don't fit into the "stereotypical gothic style". In fact, now that I think of it, no gothic people I've met do fit that stereotype. Here I'm talking about the solid white faces with black lipstick and eye shadow. When I go out, I usually use black clothes as a template to start off with, then go from there. It really depends on how I feel that day. I love my Ramones t-shirt, mind you, I love the Ramones, just check my avatar! But sometimes I feel like wearing wrist bands, sometime I don't, sometimes I feel like wearing sterling silver jewellery, sometimes I don't. Then again, sometimes I don't even wear black at all! That can really throw a monkey wrench in the whole thing! As for body modification, I'm not so much into piercings, tatoos and makeup mind you. Hair is another thing. In the line of work that I do, I have to keep my hair short and looking presentable as well as stay clean shaven. Hope that helps, if not, just refer to Trixy's link there. And hey, have fun with it too!

I have lived in the Vancouver area for about a year now...and I havent found any place that sells gothy type stuff. Ive found one or two places, but they all sell cheap looking rip off stuff that costs way to much. II dont really have a big budget and I want some boots...but I also have another problem, my calfs are pretty big so most boots dont fit up to my knee. Any help would be apreciated!  ;)

One thing that does kind of confuse me though - if you are "into" the Goth scene, how can you not have any idea of what to do to create a Goth look?  Maybe I've been at this for far too long...

hey just wondering wat does the average man in the goth community wear

i need more of a direction

Depends on your personality.  Some wear kilts and band t-shirts.  Some wear black PVC pants and black mesh/fishnet shirts.  Some wear historical costume (usually frock coats and pirate-like accessories or Victorian style garb).  Even others wear a tailcoat and top hat, or priest's cassock/coat and black dress slacks, or black bondage pants and a leather biker jacket, or torn black jeans and a black cowboy hat decked out in silver skulls, or even a dapper dark suit ('corpgoth').  There's way more options out there than you think - and it doesn't have to cost you a fortune.

Oh, and check out the thread "Where To Find It - BC" in this section, for where to buy cool gear.  There's quite a few local retailers that sell men's stuff.

hot topic is a good place to add small accessories and a skirt or two..or maybe some pants..but so many people buy their entire wardrobe there.. the hot topic junkies (haha)..and yes i have run into the elitists as well that shell out 500 bucks for boots and 200 + for those straight jackets..then look down their nose at ppl with budgets that shop at value (like me) really should be a best of both worlds thing

I know how simplistic this may sound, but how about doing a Google image search "gothic clothing men" for ideas?  I'm sure that would turn up a few pics, and would help you find some stores even.

Regarding Hot Topic: I think the reason people dislike it is because of the "pre-packaged subculture in a box for $49.99" effect it has on people new to the scene.  I've bought a few things there (not clothing though, just Nightmare Before Christmas housewares), but a lot of the stuff was quite cool.  However, I prefer to encourage people to do-it-yourself when it comes to fashion, since that lends to a more personal expression of  style - but there's nothing wrong with buying a bit here and a bit there and putting together your own look.  After all, that's what we do anyway.  Hot Topic is just another store to buy it from - for fairly cheap.

Sorry, I didn't mean to bash Hot Topic as such. I was aiming for Lip Service. And thats only because of the people I've met wearing Lip Service(Elitist, bitchy tarts with $500 to spend on a skirt who feel the need to lecture others about how awsom they are).

I'm not sure of the Glitter Boy site, but I think it's being distributed by Serious clothing [url] and stocked by Hot Topic. Give them a try.

Oh, are we going to bash Hot Topic? Because that's the goth thing to do, right? No self-respecting Goth would ever shop at a Hot Topic.

Come on, people, get over yourselves already. There's nothing wrong with Hot Topic. Hot Topic is only doing what makes smart business sense. They have targeted a particular niche market and sell affordable clothing to market to their chosen audience. Note the AFFORDABLE part. Not all of us have $300 to spend on a shiny new custom-made jacket. For a guy like me, Hot Topic suits my purposes just fine.

All you Hot Topic haters are just angry because they make it easier for us "casual goths" to access this type of clothing and adopt the look. It's quite the elitist point of view if you ask me.

Well, if you have no personality, I'd strongly suggest a visit to hot topic's web site and a quick search for Davie Havoc's(pardon my spelling of his name) clothing line Gliter boy. If you do have one of them fangle personality thingys then just wear what you feel comfertable in. If you really must fit into the goth scene black would be the way to go, and a bit of eyeliner always looks good.

If you've got a budget, take a look at the "Where to find it - BC" thread in this section.  All of the shops listed there are Goth-friendly (meaning, even if it's not an "all-Goth" shop, you can get really cool Gothy things there).

But personally, I recommend thrift shops - Salvation Army, Vincent De Paul, Value Village...  I dunno about you, but at age 15 I didn't have a huge budget for clothing, so I had to be creative (heh, and cheap!).  If you have a bit of talent with a sewing machine (or know someone who does), it's very easy to alter the things you find into something cool.  For instance, I once found a black pleated mini-skirt for $2, went to Tandy Leather and bought a handful of buckles for about $5, and sewed buckles all down the sides.  You could do the same thing with a pair of black pants - Tandy Leather is a haven for studs, straps, leather strips, eyelets, etc. that you can hand-stitch on, punch through or glue on.  If you're good with a paint brush or PhotoShop, you can hand-paint skulls or something on t-shirts or shorts or whatever, or print out an image on that iron-on transfer paper for your printer (you can buy the kind that is designed for dark clothing).  Fishnet tights -  you can get these just about anywhere, and old ones make great arm-warmers/gloves when they're torn up.  Take a tank top or t-shirt and punch grommets/eyelets all down the front and thread ribbon or laces through them... takes 10 minutes and about $6, and looks like you spent $40.

Hope that helps.  :) 

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