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Just to expand on something Divinity mentioned in the Polls base - do y'all think others find your goth garb threatening?  I can never tell (mostly because i don't like to make eye contact).

Not "threatening" exactly.  But intimidating for sure.  Disturbing.  Extreme "Goth looks" make people uncomfortable.  My mother has never censored the fact that to her, sometimes Goths look "downright ugly, all those pins in their faces and stuff - when you know that they're beautiful kids underneath.  Why would someone want to walk around making themselves look so dead and ugly?"

As a punk kid growing up in North Delta, to prove I wasn't the creep they thought I was, I made a concerted effort to prove I wasn't.  I gave up my seat on the bus, I held doors open for people, I chatted with store clerks etc.  But that was the 80's when the odds of getting your ass kicked wherever you went were stupidly high.

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