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I'd like to add some music stores to the "Where To Find It - BC" thread, but to be honest I don't buy a lot of new music so... I don't know where the best places are anymore.  I'm specifically looking for shops (large or small) anywhere in BC that offer a GOOD selection of Goth/Industrial - can anyone help out here?  Links and any info on selection & pricing would also be useful.

Same goes for the "Where To Find It - Canada" thread.  If you're from outside BC or have travelled outside of BC and know of some cool Canadian music shops, please list them here.  Thanks. :)

do they have a store? or is it just web based?

Hmm, I'm not sure. I'll ask a friend of the guy and get back to you on that. ; )


#117 - 9821 140th Street

Surrey, B.C.

V3T - 3R7

Heheh, that was copied directly from their website, as you may be able to tell... Anyways. They appear to sell at fairly good prices. I haven't really browsed the whole website but it looks like mostly industrial and electronic music, although I did catch a Siouxsie and the Banshees CD. They also sell for local bands, which is kind of cool of them.

they put Combichrist in Rock/Pop..i almost died right on the spot from mortification...

I usually dont really care for such things but I was also shocked when I was told where I could find them. What is the world of corporate music stores coming to??

I've always been skeptical about HMV's selection, but it seems the new store downtown that replaced Virgin has a pretty decent selection if you look carefully.

I even found a couple Collide albums in there, and I haven't seen them anywhere else.

Of course, they're all sorted terribly, but I've come to expect that from HMV.

ive even found cruxshadows shoved into the electronic section..and they put Combichrist in Rock/Pop..i almost died right on the spot from mortification...

The Cruxshadows I  can understand, like if it HAD to be put anywhere, seeing as there's no special darkwave section or somesuch, Electronica works. Mind you rock and pop for Combichrist... Oh man! I can just imagine it sitting right between Britney Spears and Destiny's Child! Ahhh! That's terrible, haha.

umm, there is always Scrape on Broadway, but thats metal. a&b sound seem to have a decent sellection of everything. HMV offers supprises... Off the top of my head, I can only offer info on Scrape,, avarage price is about $25, anything metal, they got it!

I know that this is slightly random, but at places like HMV and A&B sound they (once in awhile) have a more loveable band thrown into the 'Metal' section. Finding The Bauhaus 'Crackle' there, of all places, was rather... odd, but it seems fairly common.

hoo, tough one.  The only thing that i've really noticed about Vancouver music stores is the sudden influx of vinyl/dj shops.  I think it's really cool - it's not industrial but a good, solid underground trend nonetheless. Plus i'm starting to get into UK grime so that's fun (yeah, i grind that my sad, wastrel black- PVC-clad booty with the best of 'em).

Scratch is ok for hardcore breaks etc, but alas, Vancouver doesnt' quite seem to have broken out of the 3-chord guitar rock bubble.  Bleah. Zulu's still pretty much where it's at, I guess.

New World doesn't sell music, does it?  Siren in Toronto does....

Oh well, there's always Lathe of Heaven on Live365 internet radio.

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