The Age Gap

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I was just pondering over this today, and it struck me (not for the first time, but with a little more relevance) that some of the people who post in the forums (including Atratus and Valerian) are closer to my parents' age than my own, and yet...  I can relate to them not only better than my parents, but better than many of the people my own age.  It's odd how people put so much merit on age, how many years you've been alive, when it often holds no bearing on the people you get along with or can relate to...

/random ramble

So apparently I'm 28.  Thing is, I've seen this quiz, did it a few weeks ago (when I was 29), and emerged at 27.  Now that I've turned 30 I'm a year older?

So I don't really need to worry about 30 until I turn 32?

Ah yes, there is always Stranger Girl (hehe)*sigh*.  Not to mention the whole distance thing... you thought it was far to Kelowna!  I tell ya, the Georgia Straight is one heck of a travel impediment. 

;DYou know you love me! ;D

At present it says I'm 30 (I turn 30 in two months).  Here's the confusing part, if I give answers as I would have last year it says I'm 32.  Does that mean I'm getting younger?  Maybe that explains why I felt like I was forty-something in high school.

It says I'm 29... what do you know? I am. : )

At least it didn't say 55. I'd have to go out and buy myself a cane, then. I really cool, black and shiny cane, but still, you know..... bleh.

I find that age is decieving. I have met many people online and IRL who are much younger than me, but incredibly mature, kind and worth knowing and growing close to. One of my closest friends is only 20, and she is a joy to talk to.

I have also met people my age, or older (30's and 40's) who are rude,  immature, and not worthy of my time. Not that I am that great, really, but I choose not to waste my time on people who only frustrate me. I am too busy for that! 

I believe that people's age should be their maturity level. So, if you're 20 years old, have seen alot of life, and grown from it, you should really be 25 or 30. And if you're 40, and an irresponsible schmuck, you should really by 3. I suppose that wouldn't really work, but it would be fun, for awhile at least. Mind you, what age would I be, then? I'm really 29, I have been through more crap than a person should have to, which would probably put me at around.... 55, but then, I am rebelling from my own aging process and depression, and trying to re-live my shattered childhood through my kids, so that would make me..... 7?

*shakes head sadly* Alright, it was a silly idea. : )

So I read the subject line and think "the opposite of Baby Gap"  - khakis for geriatrics!

Seriously though, age has little to do with getting along with someone. What's more important is a similar general approach to life. Thinking about it, the people have good conversations with (online or IRL) range in age from teenagers to octogenarians. Likewise there are people of every age that I'd like to beat with a big foam clue bat.  ;)

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