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I was shocked upon hearing the news of the untimely death of Steve Irwin. Apparently he was killed by a stingray while filming a documentary about dangerous ocean animals. During his run on television, I really enjoyed watching his show. It was truly one of the few shows on television that was both educational and entertaining. He will be missed. Rest in peace Steve.

I got to say, I laughed when I heard nature had got Steve back for pulling its tail.

Much as I laugh when a bull gets a bullfighter against the odds.

I have only see a few of the shows, but to me he seemed to be deliberately taunting dangerous animals, a cruel and stupid thing to do.

Of course I feel for the family especially his children though the wife probable new what she was getting into.

I did not know he was a good conservationist and I can understand how his sensationalist actions lead to the popularity of his show and possible his ability to help wild life, however it also lead to his death and now the death of a number of innocent stingrays.

Well now I am ranting so I will stop, no offence or criticism meant just an opinion :)

I, personally, loved Steve Irwin.  Sure, he was insane, but I loved his honest passion for what he did.  He may have acted like a loon, but he was really dedicated to animal conservation and educating people about animals.  The fact that he died was very unfortunate and I feel for his wife and two children.  What an awful thing to go through at such a young age.

I agree, Puck, that he gave Australians a bad name at times and that people associated him with all Australians.  He was a charicature at best, a crazy man at worst.  But no matter what he was like, to die tragically at only 44, leaving behind a young family...  that's tragic.

Those who are mutilating and killing stingrays in some twisted sort of revenge and disgusting.  They are uneducated and very misguided.  I am sure that if Steve Irwin were still alive, he would be heartbroken that people are doing that.  It was a freak accident, a rare incident.  I hope that people get their heads on straight and stop doing it.

No, and I never intend to. I loath that the only thing people see of Australians who care about nature is a bunch of lunatic men who only know how to do their jobs half arsed.

As above posted, the sting rays were found with their tails cut off on several beaches along the Australian east coast. This has happened before, with sharks after Jaws was released. People now think that sting rays are murderous monsters, which, if you pardon my french, is bull shit.

I laugh because I find it amusing. Obviously you disagree with me and that is fine.

Death merely IS. I've had people close to me leave my side using that method. So I know it is painful. But I got over the emotions you feel a long time ago. Now I see it as a necessary transition. If I die I don't want people around me hurt, I'd rather have them laughing, even if it is at my expense.

The Crocodile Hunter (from the few videos I've seen) would rather have his family "happy" than "sad." Laughing accomplishes that.

His family knew that getting killed on the job was a possibility, well, with his approach to things a probability. Besides, they have to find it mildly ammusing that is was a random creature as opposed to a corc (2 sting ray deaths in Australia's recorded history prior to this one, thats gotta say SOMETHING).

Why not? I laugh about my dear grandmother's wake (the old adage "the best party of your life is the one you can't come to" held true!) and the absurdity of the problems around dealing with my beloved father's remains make for a wonderfully dark laugh. We're goths here, after all. What fun it that if we're not the ones smiling at death?

Or, to look at it another way, it's testament to his achievement and character that there are hundreds of millions of people with an opinion about him. I always thought he was barking mad, but there is no denying he made a name for himself doing exactly what he loved. Millions more live long, miserable lives and die unsung.

But you should be happy...  he died doing what he loves.

As for his family...

They knew the risks involved with what he does.

As for my thoughts on the matter...


Aye.It's sad for his family. Have been hearing how great of a dad he was. I'll go along with Puck and not state my true feelings on the 'TV' man though.

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