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Hi all...

I'm Kaden. I build things and play music.


Cheers for that...dunno about *inventing* stuff though...I'm just repackaging physics. The packages *do* look cool, and the mechanisms are smooth and solid.    Next month I'm  starting a series of one-offs of some of the more  surreal devices that have passed through R&D over the years, any of which *might* have gotten me a patent in, say, 1845. They make me laugh just thinking about them.

If you want a look at the future of urban resistance ballistics, witness the *humbling* potential of the [url=]Survival Research Labs Pitching Machine. 

My lawyer wouldn't let me market a desktop version of one that fired pencils through drywall. Killjoy. Though I can see his point.


Ack.  I'm speechless.

fortunately this is a text-based medium so you are all still subject to my thoughts mwah ha ha....

I love this stuff.  Who could imagine not only machining this stuff, but making a living at it?  I hate people who love their jobs!!!!!  It's not fair! I want to build mini-WMDs too!  Ok, that's fine - and now a word about the LAWS of CANADA.

You may NOT own a gun without permission - ok, fair enough.

You may NOT purchase ammunition with permission - also seems straightforward.

You may own a crossbow.  Hmm.  Really?

You may NOT own a blowgun.  WTF?  How many blowgun fatalities have we had?  Why would these be considered a prohibited weapon?

And now I suppose, you can own a mongonel, several ballistae and a few catapults since they're OBVIOUSLY ornamental.

Oh, according to bylaws you can't build an outer stone wall more than six feet high for your may have to improvise or live out of the city limits....


But if a bunch of blowgun wield anarchists attack you'll be all set.

Dude, I bow to your to hit the SO up for a birthday present anyway....hmmm....

Ta very much...Didn't want to seem like I was here to do  marketing so I didn't mention Eccentric Genius initially.

I hate marketing, but it is a needed nasty..

Nice place ya got are the neighbors?


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