Hello to all !

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Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening to you all!

The name's Matt.

I'm a small-town corporate/Victorian/vampyre/romantic goth that currently lives in Courtenay, BC on Vancouver Island. I've always loved Vancouver, and always wanted to scope out the Vancouver goth scene. I most likely won't be getting to the big city until either I win the lottery or more realistically - secure a job on the mainland. The latter would probably require me to return to school, for a quick business or marketing diploma of some kind. My B.A. in Greek and Roman Studies just doesn't cut the mustard it seems :P

I'm interested in DJ'ing, a bit of fashion, and hanging out.

Anyways, this is me waving "Hello!" from the island. I look forward to one day, hopefully meeting some of you.

~ Orlok aka Matt.

Matt- have you checked out GothVic for events and gatherings? Its a little closer to home and though our goth scene is not exactly that of Vancouvers, its nice to hear some decent music outside your headphones once in a while.

As for the Vancouver scene, weve been talking about a regular coffee type meet up. The more the merrier, if you can coordinate. As for a place to crash, there are some affordable hostels downtown, you just need to do a little research. They are not *all* bad.

As for moving... Coming from someone who has a mean habit of jumping cities without a plan or much savings, my advice is just go. If thats where you want to be, then be there. You may have to take a less than desirable job short term or live in a less than desirable place (i usually book a hostel for a month and figure it out from there) but youll have a hard time finding a job when you are a full days commute away.

The older you get, the more stuff you will acquire, the more you will settle, the more challenging and expensive it will be to move.

You have a BA and can lift 20 lbs - that's more than enough to work in an office or call center. Vancouver only has a million or so offices to work in but you might luck out and find one that could use some extra help, if not a regular employee.
Lots of places need drivers - go get your learners, driving enables you to work in lots of places in a pinch.
You may also be able to snatch up some tutoring with that BA. There are lots of schools and students - ESL or otherwise - wanting teachers/tutors with a BA (tutoring is fun).
Other than that, lots of places will hire someone with a disability and work with them around any limitations. Libraries - they have carts so you're not lifting, just pushing (I worked in one), bookstores, music or other specialty-of-interest shops. They all need people to hang out and smile at people who come in and answer all their questions, then fix everything they messed up after they go.

While these suggestions may not be ideal for the amount you've just finished paying in tuition, for a few months while you look for something that *does* fulfill all your needs and requirements, it won't be a living hell.

I'll be job searching as of mid January/February..! I'd be more than happy to have someone to plaster resumes around with. You're a dragon with a disability - that doesn't mean you have a disability, that means you faced a whole different learning curve that has made you a force to be reckoned with.

You could always do what I used to do when I lived on the island:

- Park in Nanaimo,
- ferry over in the afternoon,
- hit the club from the moment it opens until you get shooed out at the end,
- hang at a 24-hour restaurant or exercise other late-night options like an after-party, and then
- catch the ferry home when they start running again. ;-)

Really? You live on the island, have a B.A., but no driver's license? I though I procrastinated by not getting mine until I was 17. I get on just fine in Vancouver without a car, I gave mine up for good about nine years ago (although I occasionally rent one when I need to) but I can't imagine getting by as an adult on Vancouver Island, or anywhere outside of Vancouver and Victoria, without a car.

Regardless (or as they say on the island, irregardless,) the point was I *didn't* stay anywhere. I'd club until last call and then go somewhere I could kill time until I could get a ferry back to Nanaimo. That was a long time ago, so the places that I used to fill the hours of 2 am to 6 am on a Sunday morning are all gone. One of them used to be an after-hours club called "The World" and later "The Eclipse." If I was with a group of friends sometimes we'd just loiter downtown (I wouldn't really recommend doing that anymore) until the buses started running and then catch an hour's nap in the waiting room at the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal. The woman that worked Sunday mornings got used to having a bunch of dead-tired, white-faced, big-haired goths and punks (this was the 80's, so when I say big hair, I mean it) strewn about the waiting room when she opened the ticket wicket. One place that *is* still around is the Naam on 4th Ave. near MacDonald Steet, open 24 hours, all vegitarian--a remnant of when 4th Ave. was Hippie central in the 1960's.

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