Just saying hello.

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I'm sitting here smoking, listening to The Psychedelic Furs and having a good laugh about the quiz I just looked at.

My given name is White Wolf.  Emigrated to Vancouver from U.K. about six years ago.  I'm into Shamanism/Lycanthropy, B.D.S.M.agick and so on. 

If you're into any of those things, or just feel drawn to connect...I'd be happy to hear from you.

When I think gothic, and go into that, I get images of figures in black leather on horseback, cutting people's heads off and setting them on fire.  I also see witches, shape shifting druids and the edge of the woods.  Sometimes I think of giant wyrms, or figures in dark robes, finding cures for pestilence and disease. 

It's a real trip for me living in Canada. 


ahhhhh umm so where do i start frome the biggning or the end ... i forgot what i was going to say ..  ??)... trough the craks of the walls of my happyness leakes tears of the untold... im so dam fucken bord......

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