Just your typical everyday n00b here =)

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Hello all who may or may not view this.

In short, I'm just looking to meet people who share my same interests on here, from the vancouver area, because I will be moving down there next summer and don't want to have a few more people who are familiar to me then what I already have.

So if you want to talk, post on here =D


Hello, how do you do?

So your moving to Vancouver next summer, where from?
I've traveled across North America(excluding eastern Canada)
I call Vancouver home now though but hope to travel to Europe as an foreign exchange student when my German improves as my family immigrated here from Berlin.

Hi. I'm probably the biggest grammar-Nazi on the site (and I get away with it because, well, it's my site!) Just so you know, you can go back and edit your own posts if you want to.

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