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Good day to all! I'm brand new to this community and would just like to introduce myself to everyone. I'm a tall English goth type ready to meet all the other goth types here! So do say hello and let's get to know each other better. Cheerio for now!

Greetings everyone. Professor *tips hat*. It is a pleasure to make your acquantance. I'm moving to Vancouver soon, and though its a bit of a drive, Surrey has always been a favourite place of mine. It would be wonderful to meet you in person. You certainly have the appearance of a cultured and intelligent man. We aught to get together some time for chat over a brew.

You guys are so sweet! I should say welcome as well, professor. How was Saturday night Gloria and Tia?

Well, Miss Tia was one and a half hour late! But when she finally did show up it was quite nice, it was just us ladies chatting over drinks :)

Hello Tia, very pleased to meet you. I'm in Surrey, and very much looking forward to meeting with others on here and in person. It's been a long time since I mixed with the more interesting people of the world!

Please do join us for our next little night out if you are a local Professor.

I'm Tia, by the way, welcome to the community.

Tsk tsk, stranger.  Your charms will not work on me, as my heart is already spoken for.  However, if I knew where you lived, I would help you find your way to our meeting place, where ever the next one is to be.

Oh, look at this...  a friendship forming right before our very eyes!  How sweet.

I am sorry that I could not make it out to Vancouver, Gloria, but I hope that I will be able to do so again soon.  I quite enjoy both your and Tia's company.  I will make it a point to free up some time to journey out that way.

Hello to you once again Gloria. What a nice thing to say to a fellow! It's not often I hear that I'm putting tingles through fine ladies such as yourself but it really does make this chap smile on this Sunday morning! Do keep messaging me dearest!

Just to let you know Professor,

the way you form your words is absolutley lovely, your sentences just put a tingle through me

Thank you for the compliment Trixy :), you are such a darling and your company was missed tonight, we talked about you and how lovely you are and all that jazz...

What-oh Trista! Very pleased to meet you. Thank you for the lovely piece of information on the exquisite Gloria. A babe you say? Jolly good! A fine attribute in any lady, I must say. And if she's one to sip on the odd Sherry or two then life will absolutely glow! Ta-ta for now, and be assured you will certainly see lots of me on here; I feel I've found a new home!

Psst, Professor...  Just a heads up, Gloria is a total babe.

Anyhow, my name is Trista.  Pleasure to meet you.  I hope to see you around more often.  Ta for now.

Well, the very warmest of greetings to you, dearest Gloria! I must say, I was surprised at such a rapid reply to my introduction, and already I'm being adored, just by being tall, English and goth. Oh my! I'm off to a good start, and to have the added bonus that my admirer should be a lady goth adds an extra sweetness to the proceedings.

So I'm very pleased to have met your aquaintance Gloria, let us talk some more!

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