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Hello to all. Just a quick greeting, to show my respect to the amazing group of people that frequent here. I look forward to speaking with any of you, and will take great pleasure in the informative postings, (as well as the not so informative, yet, entertaining posts)  ;) and also all function information, as I have plans to attend many on-goings of intrigue.

Have a lovely evening...


HEY ~ Just a few posts under the polls and I see I am already a "darkling"!! (snicker snicker...) I sure hope I'm not getting the reputation as a post whore, but I was so excited to see that, and just wanted to share my joy. Thought I was going to  be branded a newbie for months to come...

~Miss Akistos

Well, thank you kindly.

Although it says I reside in Van, I am actually in Victoria. I attempted to change it, but it just didn't stick. (Please have patience with the newbie!!)

I've been a little busy with a move the last few, thanks to some roomates who don't like to actually pay their bills and rent, but as soon as I have more "me time", I will divuldge in all the different areas of these forums more closely.

Sin City is sooooo appealing to me, and I have yet to make it once, but plan to attend very, very, soon. It has always been a fantasy of mine to hit "The Fang Club" in L.A., or one of their locations, (I do believe they do, or used to), but it is a slightly farther drive, hence the procrastination. (Anyone around these parts ever been? JUST FOUND OUT ABOUT SIN CITY - JEEZ, LIKE 2 WEEKS AGO!!! WHERE HAVE I BEEN?! Oh yeah, just crawled out from under this rock. Yet, I have not heard of "Sanctuary", tell.

Thanks for your welcomes, and talk with you more soon, and what the hell, you sparked my intrigue, and I might just hit one of those silly polls this eve...damned computer hijinx!!!

~Miss Akistos

yay more people - we need to get some more posting action here.

I am trying to talk my group into the next Sin City....and Sanctuary rocked on Sunday so these events are worth coming out to!  Hope to see you at one of them soon.

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