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Well I've known about this forum for awhile and even registered... um... wow over a year ago I guess it was. I dissapeared from the site for quite awhile due to a multitude of reasons but now I'm back and while I'm at it I'm starting to / trying to get more active in the Vancouver Goth scene. I know there is one out there somewhere, but I know it's nowhere near me most of the time.

Most of my close friends tease me for being Goth, this site (as well as the clubs I manage to get out to) reassure me I'm not alone. If anyone wants to know anything about me ask away.

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In the ending of Event Horizon? I wasn't sure if it was meant that their on the other side in Hell or just paranoid, I was hopeful it meant sequel but no such luck. Another twisted movie Sam Neil is in is ;D In The Mouth of Maddness , It's a story about a story. They could have shown more of the creatures though, I guess they were going for more plot than gore but they could have done both. Either way it was a really good movie, Kind of makes you wish there was a novelist named Sutter Cane out there just to check out his books if they're that twisted.

Event Horizon was an excellent movie. I saw years after it came out though. I had seen Sam Neill in Jurassic Park and to see him in that kind of role caught me way off guard. Twisted is a great word to use to describe the storyline for sure. How about that ending?

I actually didn't catch that one with Riker worked into it, But I agree with you on which

Star Trek series sucked and which ones didn't. I really tried to get into Enterprise but I just couldn't, And what was with that change in the story line in the look of the Klingons. The story line of the Enterprise didn't even go with the story line from the First Contact movie, Gene Roddenberry would be rolling over in his grave. In Deep space nine they had the  Changelings who hated all solids and wanted them dead, But if you look at the leader of the Changelings you would remember she was in Star Trek the Next Generation. Her species was the creator of all the different species from Human to Romulin and everything in between, The only way that would make sense is if they realized what a stupid mistake they made creating such chaos in the universe. Now that I'm finished that tangent, Did you ever see Event Horizon and if you did what did you think? It's not action filled but the story line is pretty twisted.

I noticed as the Star Trek series continued, it was getting more and more predictable. What with Voyager and their constant hitting of the reset button. Ten minutes before an episode ends, a Borg Cube shows up, but they manage to get away somehow. However, I was never fully certain they would make it back to earth until the first frame of the final episode, it was clever how they played that one out. But I enjoyed the original series, next generation and deep space nine. Voyager was okay and Enterprise just sucked. Mind you how they ended that one was quite interesting. I did see the final episode, and how they managed to work Commander Riker into the storyline.

I never really got into the Star Wars hype but I saw Empire strikes back in the theatre when I was a kid, Athough my choice of movies was The Shining but my dad said no your too young. I like Star Trek more than Star Wars, But it hasn't been the same since Gene Roddenberry died. Unfortunatly his corporation took it over and it's story lines have gone to crap and does not follow the original story lines already in place.

You're right, there are very few sequels that are better than the original. I would incude Blair Witch 2 in that group as well. Only reason for that is because it was an actual movie and it had an interesting twist at the end. However, I appreciated the original for what they were able to do with just a camcorder. It was also brilliantly marketed in that they truly made people believe it was real. Running that "Curse of the Blair Witch" special on TV before hand really gave you a feeling that the whole legend was real and these kids really did go missing. A lot of people bought into the hype and were ticked off when they found out they were made into fools. But you're right, it didn't live up to the hype at all. Another film I recall that didn't live up to the hype was Star Wars Episode 1. That movie was obviously the worst Star Wars film I've seen and it's also one of the worst movies I've seen. I'm a huge Star Wars fan too. The other prequels were okay. The second one was better than the first, but that's not saying much. The third one was not bad at all though. Horrible dialogue though.

The other version of the Shining Jack Torrence is played by Steven Weber, He has been in other movies but I wouldn't be able to name them if I tried.  You can find the dvd at best buy and it's a two disc special edition or just rent or burn it. There's a movie called Twentyfour hour party people that's about all the bands that started up just by watching the Sex Pistols for the first time. They have little blurbs of footage of alot of 80's new wave bands, Although it covers the story of New Orders begining more or less. It's worth a rent!. Most movies that end in a stalemate are fine, But I hate when they leave the ending so open that they leave you wanting to know the rest of the story,  >:(Then they never get around to ever doing a sequel. One of the few times that I thought the sequel was better than the first movie was The Blair witch project2, But that might have been cause I thought the first one was so horrible and truly did not live up to the hype.

I've only seen the Jack Nicholson version of The Shining. Who stars in the remake? I'll keep an eye out for it. What I enjoyed about Freddy vs. Jason was that it brought an old urban legend out of retirement. Remember King Kong vs. Godzilla? It was widely believed that they produced two seperate endings to that film. One where Zilla wins and one where Kong wins. But in actuality, there was only one, but it was made so Kong fans would think Kong won and Zilla fans would think Zilla won. Similar at the end of Freddy vs. Jason. I remember hearing that there were two seperate endings and they would be shown randomly in theatres. As a Jason fan, I thought I was seeing the ending where Jason wins. But now I realize that there was only one ending and that it was produced in such a way that fans of both sides would think their guy won, but it was more of a stalemate. Clever.

Ramones, yes I am a huge fan. I know exactly where you're coming from when you mention wanting to see more concert footage. I picked up End of the Century on DVD about a year ago. It gives an eye-opening look at the band's history, how they never really ever got along with each other. How they continuously toured non-stop, and how they never really got the respect that they deserved back in the 70s and 80s. But not too much live concert footage, there's a clip here and there, but not much.

Some of the Nightmare on Elm street movies are good and some are crap. I thought the first one was good the second one was too cheese the third and fourth one were rentable and Jason vs Freddy was theater worthy. They were'nt joking when they said it would be bloody :o. Did you see both versions of The Shining or just the original one. I like the Jack Nicolson version better but the newer version follows the book more, Sort of like Dune which I can also rewatch over and over but I still prefer the original one of that too. I see you are a Ramones fan, I was watching some stuff on them in this documentary of the Whole punk era the other day. I just wish they would show a bit more old concert footage of these bands.

For me, Evil Dead 2 is a mainstay as well. I can watch it over and over and not get tired of it. Amityville 2 is one I've seen at least 20 times. But the most times for a horror film for me has to be The least 25-30 times, I've seen that one. By the looks of your avatar, is it safe to assume you are a Nightmare on Elm Street fan?

Well I like House of 1000 corpses,Devils rejects, Saw, and Hostel too, But I keep thinking it might give the wrong people more sick and twisted ideas on what to do to people in real life. :-/ Not that they would ever copy any of that stuff for real but you never know, There are a lot of messed up people out there. The remakes I didn't mind are Dawn of the dead, and Amityville because the original ones are classic but kind of boring. The new special effects kind of put a creepier spin on them. I've seen Evil dead 2 about 50 times so when it gets really boring at work I'll be mumbling the lines to the movie to myself to make the day go quicker. Watching that movie was a usual pass time when me and my friends would get together. What horror movie have you watched the most times?

I agree completely about the remakes. All I ever ask from a remake is to do the original justice. That doesn't just go for horror films. I refused to see the remake of When A Stranger Calls, the girl who plays the lead had such horrible acting skills, I won't waste my time or my money seeing it. The original was okay. I like Evil Dead/Army of Darkness, The Amityville Series, Friday The 13th, Pet Sematary (obviously!), Rosemary's Baby. New horror franchises like The Ring, House of 1000 Corpses/Devil's Rejects, Saw and Hostel are also pretty good.

Some of my favorite horror movies are (Evil dead 2, Session9, From Dusk till dawn, Puppet master 3, In the mouth of maddness and Night breed to name a few. I like most zombie movies as long as they are well done, I'm also a big Clive Barker fan. Although his books are a lot better and more twisted than his movies, ie ( The books of blood). The new version of The Fog was so lame, Even the original version was scarier. The new version of Day of the dead is coming out soon so lets only hope it's good. I like horror movies with an original story line not just the same phyco slasher flick that's been done to death.

The sad thing about reality T.V is that some co-workers treat the work place like a reality game and see who they can get voted off first(as in fired) just for the fun of it. Unfortunatly it works sometimes and they get away with it. >:(Some peoples children.

If you love something set it free .If it comes back kill it. If it still comes back run just run.

Reality TV is generally the main topic at my workplace too. Well, that and hockey. Your basic water coolers conversations, you know? I'm so sick of reality TV and forensics dramas and cop shows for that matter. What are your favorite horror films?

:)Well I'm still a newbie to this forum but it covers alot of interesting subjects, The only thing they talk about at my work is any reallity t.v shows that are on.

I really don't look all that strange by my standards ,I just have really short hair and change the color alot. The only outlets I have to feel normal is at Sanctuary or Blenders, I'm more of a skateboarder and I love horror movies . I do like some of the movies that  Nocturnus listed too.I live in New Westminster and work in a wharehouse, I'm from the old Loveaffair scene but missed the music so my friend told me about Sanctaury and blenders. I'll write more interests and stuff another day when I know what to say.

People that know me  just call me strange but when I'm out and about, all decked out with collar and all, about every other person who doesn't know me calls me a freak.

Ahaha, I've had Rob Zombie's "Dragula" on repeat since Halloween. It's nice song to fall asleep to when I've had a bad day.

Yeah, once I get to know someone really well I'm just all over the place but that rarely happens. Usually because people seem to get weirded out by me everytime I try to start a conversation with them. They eventually start to drift off into another conversation with someone else and would just end up ignoring me after that.

Ah, I've kind of neglected Lacuna Coil for a while now. I have the Comalies CD but I believe I've only ever listened to it during the first month or so that I got it. Then I just got bored and abandoned it.  Same goes with Disturbed. :P My friend got me back into them last year just in time for Ten Thousand Fists. Now I'm just waiting to get my hands on the new Deftones album "Saturday Night Wrist."

I tried to write a book once just for the heck of it but I don't think I ever managed to get past three paragraphs. I'm such a scatter brain. I can never keep track of all of my thoughts, so usually when it comes to writing them down I usually just butcher them and hope they fit together in some comprehendible way.

Nocturnus = deep, complex, Donnie Darko type style with a poetic sophistication ...hmm, sounds like a good story already.

I never knew any other music existed except for Chinese opera music and pop until I was in fourth grade when I watched Chart Attack. I thought I was just going through a phase up until then because I just wasn't interested in what the other kids were in to. After that, all hell broke loose to say the least. Haha. I’m pretty sure I was the only fourth grader who had a crush on Marilyn Manson.

Currently, I’m drifting away from heavy metal and into more kind of trip-hop, jazz/blues, and lounge music like Ray Charles, Portishead, Björk, and Michael Bublé.

You know, you don’t have to burn the songs onto your iPod. Just download a CD ripper, upload the songs, and send them over. :) COUGH ‘EM UP MISTER.

I like writing poems, well, I just like writing generally. I always wanted to be in a band but when I bring it up with friends, they just don’t see it in me because I’m a really quiet person [emphasis on the really].

Have you recorded any of your performances? If you did, would you be as kind as to let me listen to some of it? Please? :) I like all kinds of music. You name it I'll probably like it. Then again, my open-mindedness to music is probably just due to the fact that all I was ever exposed to as a child was chinese opera music.

Hello Peter, it's nice to meet you too.

Interesting how we have quite a bit in common. I'm learning how to play the piano from a friend and I also would like to learn how to play the bass.

Couldn't have said it better myself. I always wonder why people allow the products of bad people to be tainted to their eyes by virtue of being created by those bad people. The way I see it: If something is good, regardless of who made it or why, it's still good.

But yes. Mel Gibson is a prick. We're clear on that.

Right back atcha, Peter.

I like most of those movies too. What do you think of Braveheart? It's probably the closest thing to a favourite that I have.

Anyway, if you ever want to contact me, you can find my email on my profile. I'm not an especially busy person when I'm not working.

Wow, you just described my problem exactly. Where do you live? Name? Age? Favourite movie?

My name is Jack, by the way. I'm 20, live in Surrey and I don't really know what my favourite movie is.

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