looking for the perfect pair of boots???

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i've decided to open up my business again. i am an official importer of pleaser usa. you can visit their website and check out all of the shoes they have:

there are no prices on the website so you would need to contact me for prices. but most platform shoes are $40-$60 and boots $100-$120.

i live downtown toronto and prefer pick up orders but also do by mail as well.

if you do wish to order by pick-up please understand that i must order your shoes specially for you and if you were not to get them then there is nothing i can do with them except hope that i can resell them, so with that in mind, for the first order i require a 50% deposit. if you choose not to get the shoes you will recieve 25% of the deposit back. the rest of the payment is due when you pick up the shoes. you will not get the shoes until i have full payment.

if you wish to order by mail, the full payment is required. i accept paypal only. if you try the shoes on and you do not wish to keep them you may send them back and receive a refund of 75% of the purchase price. if the shoes have obviously been worn you will receive only 50% of the purchase price.

i also have a fair assortment of shoes from people who did not pick them up. they are unfortunately mostly in size 7 but if you would like pictures and prices of them please let me know. those you can come and try on with no obligation or can be mailed out within two days of purchase.

i do all of my business from my home. i do not have a storefront. everything is on an appointment-only basis.

feel free to ask any question and thank you for your interest.

thank you.

i agree with you completely and i have asked one of my friends to do such a site.

i just thought that if anyone was interested they could contact me directly for my info.

i've had a long standing ebay business, with great feedback, that i would have continued if the market was not flooded.

i do admit that this is the first time i have decided to go fully from home and the idea of a website seemed unecessary but you have a very good point and i thank you for your input.

No attack intended - just letting you know what it looks like from the outside. 

Advertising your wares on the internet relies entirely on first impression.  People have NOTHING else to go on.  They don't know you from Adam.  If you do not have a site where people can see your contact info, company info/history, sales policies, and get some kind of inclination of your background, they will be very reluctant to do business with you.  Just pointing that out, is all - it's worth consideration.  Even if it's just a page saying exactly what you've said here in your initial post.  If there's one thing I've learned in internet sales over the past 5 years, it's that selling online is all about trust.  If people don't feel like you are "permanent" enough, or reliable enough, they won't likely trust you enough to send you their money.  Not having your own site/page does not give them a feeling of permanence (the fact that someone has even taken the time to bother making a site or page is often enough to convince a buyer they are serious and not a scam artist).  Having a site is no guarantee of a legitimate business of course, but it's just one more thing to create a professional impression.  It's just a darn good business move if you want to sell things outside of your home town. (Incidentally, I run my own internet-based business from home, so I promise you I'm not talking out of my ass here)

As far as being relevant to potential buyers in BC, you have to understand that the items you sell are already available here locally.  If you want them to buy from you and not from the local stores, you need to convince them it's worth their while - and having some sort of site or page makes it just that much easier for them.

just because i prefer something does not mean that i refuse to do anything else. pick-up orders are easier for the client since fittings and refunds are available far more quickly.

and shipping within the country is not expensive and takes little time, opposed to the United States which can take much longer, which is why i chose canadian site to post on.

i think if you have any problems with the way i run my business you should have contacted me directly instead of trying to prove me wrong on a forum.

if you had taken the time to contact me, many questions could have been answered without you seeming like you were attacking me for some unknown reason, which i know could not be the case because you are probably a very honest and good person and you are just looking out for the people around you.

i am a young entrepreneur, who has over the years built of a large cliental in toronto but felt it was time to expand to other parts of the country and the world. i do not see the harm in letting others know about my business in a section of a forum dedicated to just that.

i am not spamming people, i am not over posting or tracking people down.

i am just letting possibly interested people know about an in-home operation that could save you money on the shoes or boots you are already buying, or wish to own.

You said you prefer pick ups over mail-outs, so why are you bothering posting on a website where the majority of the people live in BC when you are located Toronto?  You need to step up the professionalism and maybe reconsider your business plan before you start soliciting people on the other side of the country to buy shoes through you.

the website is so that you can see what there is to order.

my stock is exactly what is posted there. they only sell wholesale to companies who are registered with them and, in my case, the provincial and federal government. no one from the public can order from them. so, there would be no point in taking all those pictures and transfering them to my own site since the reason why they have set up the site is to allow people to browse the stock available.

what i allow you to do is order whatever pair you want through me. i pay the shipping and the duty into the country and allow you to get anything you want.

most stores only carry a small selection in certain sizes.

because i don't need a stockroom or employees to hold thousands of items, i can keep prices down and offer exactly what you want.

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