My Toronto Rant, for what it's worth

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   What the hell is going on in Toronto?!?  On some level, when I left, I had the feeling I would go back some day.  Not necessarily on a permanent basis or anything, but maybe for another couple of years.  And all the news I’m hearing coming out of the place is driving me up the wall!  Most recently the girl getting killed by gunfire across the street from HMV/Sam the Record Man on Yonge Street.  It’s a landmark location.  Right on top of a major subway station!  Across the street from one of the countries landmark Shopping centers!  Damn near anyone who’s been to Toronto has been there.  Anyone who’s lived in Toronto for any period of time will have been there frequently.  Ask any of them if it is dangerous, and I’m sure that until recently they would have thought you paranoid.  I used to be there practically once a week.  People don’t get SHOT in front of the EATON CENTRE in the MIDDLE OF THE DAMN DAY!!!  It’s F***ing NUTS!!!  This is on the heals of…

    More than a dozen students from the high school I used to work at being arrested at the school for the alleged harassment and sexual assault of one of MY former students.  It was a rough school, yes, but that is beyond the bounds of reason. She says they’ve been harassing/assaulting her since September of 2004.  I moved here in August of 2004.  A number of the incidences are reported to have occurred right beside my old classroom.  I know the victim (the description in the newspapers wasn't vague enough).  I know some of the accused (I recognized the voices on the news, despite faces being blurred). 

   So here I am.  Torn between the guilt from having abandoned my students to an environment of deteriorating safety (knowing that I could very well have put a stop to any harassment/assault long before the 18months had passed), and the knowledge that if I hadn’t left, I could just as easily be lying dead on a sidewalk beside this 15 year old girl on Boxing day.  Gun violence isn’t the only reason I left Toronto, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a factor.  And all the while I can’t get the voice of the School Chaplain out of my head, “You can’t leave.  These kids need you.”

Ditto Swoop, I know you and I have had our differences, all in good fun I know....But seriously, my heart goes out to you. Just remember, it's not your fault.

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