Piercings, Cost, And place!

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Hey hey

I'de like to see people list they're piercing's and prices to see what places have good prices... Did that make sense?  ??) ??) :D

Oh well, here's an example of mine

I have,

Left Ear: 6$, Arleen's (A barbershop, but they do cheap earlobe piercings

Center lip: 40$, Rennesaince

Ta da!, get posting!  ;D

They are. Baaaaaaaaad, bad, bad, bad. It's like sticking a hole in a pice of paper with a pen instead of using a hole punch.

I got my friend's mom who has a piercing gun to do my lobes for free. Then I got a labret ring done for $80 including ring etc. Though I had to take it out as it got torn and as such was healing...80 bucks downt he drain...


Umm, pretty pretty industrail. $91 at Sacred Heart. This included two rings and changing to a bar as well as aftercare stuff.

Heh, I taperd from standard gun pierced gauge to a 4g. That throbbed till I pulled it out when it started spilling puss a couple of days later. I'm sitting at an 8g right now, that went fine.  I find that drenching the taper with Tea Tree oil makes the whole process less painful.

I've since been back to Sacred Heart (this time the one downtown on Nelson).  Bear no longer seems to work regularly at any of their locations so I got a second lobe piercing in each ear from a guy called Tim (or possibly Tom?  I'm going with Tim.... friendly younger fella).  He was great, a different style than Bear.  He spent a reaaalllly long time making sure the placements were even but the actual piercing was over in a jiffy.  First ear didn't hurt, second one was a minor pinch.  Very comfortable experience.  They have an autoclave on site so I was able to reuse my 14 gauge CBRs, all I had to buy was new beads because the ones I had were not metal.  Total cost, including beads, was $35.  The piercing is cheap, it's the jewelry that bites ya in the butt so if you have old stuff bring that in and they will let you know if it is usable.  Give them an hour or so to autoclave it for you tho' - adequate time to go shopping along Granville.

On a similar topic, anyone here with interesting lobe-stretching stories to share?  I went up from an 8g to a 6g last night and my ears are THROBBING quite a bit.  It's weird, no other increase hurt for more than a few minutes.  This better pass soon or I am going back down.  I used a taper, but still, sheesh!

  i hate walking though modrobes, but it's worth it because Lysa at Anatomic is awesome).

I totally agree! Lysa is awesome!!!

I love pierceing and tatoos I have my nose pierced and i have a tatoo of a dies rose in thorns with my name going thru it is it hot I throw tatoo parties at my house for my friends and loved ones

well , i have two in each lobe, i got my second ones done (stupidly) at Claries, cuz they were cheap, and they pretty much sucked. And yeah, I did my nose myself. And ive never had a problem with it since. best of all, it was free.

Agreed.  I was pierced by Bear too and I would HIGHLY recommend him.  He made me feel very at ease (considering how nervous I was) and he showed obvious interest in our well-being during the experience and our health afterwards.

I went to Sacred Heart and was pierced by Bear....3 piercings with jewelry for around $35 each (2 lobe and one helix).  In Vic when I had my nipple done it was more, around $55 at Tattoo Zoo....Bear is great - he has this hypnotic voice thing that's really cool and really goes on about post-care stuff....

I ...all but one I did myself with a safety pin and an ice cube back in 1985.  ....  So I did the remaining 4 myself with pins.  They were free.

I'm getting woozy just thinking about it.  I COULD NOT do that.  I came close to passing out with each of my piercings (not many, admittedly--upper ear, nose, navel), and again when I had to learn how to give my diabetic cat needles, and also with my 2 tattoos :B.  The navel and upper ear were in Toronto, and the nose was at the Underground back in '98.  Still wear it on weekends.  I think it was around $50.

I had my eyebrow done (took it out for work, though, and it healed over), and that cost $50 including jewellery at To The Point in Abbotsford.  Never got infected, and the people are cool.

I just recently got my nose done in Kelowna for $45 including the stud.  Can't remember the name of the place, but it's in Kelowna, so... meh.  Better than where I got my eyebrow done, though, for sure.  That reminds me, I need something else pierced when I go out there next week.  Wee!

most recently: conch, $50, including barbell, at Anatomic (inside Modrobes on granville.  i hate walking though modrobes, but it's worth it because Lysa at Anatomic is awesome).

I got my nose done at Mack's Leathers back in the early 90's.  I think it might have been $40 including the white gold ring.  Can't quite remember though, it's been ages.  Plus I haven't worn the ring since early 2002.

I have six holes in my ears (3 on each lobe), all but one I did myself with a safety pin and an ice cube back in 1985.  Can't remember where I got the one hole done, but I know it was at a salon somewhere in North Delta, and I think it was $10 including the surgical stud.  I had done one hole myself already, and thought I should go get the other professionally done.  It hurt like hell and got badly infected.  So I did the remaining 4 myself with pins.  They were free.

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