Prince George?

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Hey...I was just wondering if there was anyone from Prince George, or if anyone knew anything about the scene here...assuming, of course, there is one. Any info would be greatly appreciated...thanks :)


GET OUT! GET OUT AS SOON AS YOU CAN AND NEVER LOOK BACK! The Peeg. Or P dot G dot, however you want to call it, is a great place to grow up...if you're not gothically inclined.... I hated that place, I was the 'faggy goth kid' of my high school.... after I got out of high school I met some cool people, but I never once saw any evidence of a 'scene'.

If you do hear of any goings-on in Prince George I'd love to hear about it. I'm the webmaster here and since I don't leave Vancouver often I'm always looking for contributions to the site from outside the Lower Mainland.