A place for rent, from one Goth to another...

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I am a goth guy, who attends the events occasionally, though I used to go more often, and I currently have 2 rooms for rent in my place, and am particularely interested in getting other Goth roomates.

Also, the nightbus mentioned in the ad, is the one on Pender. VERY convenient coming from Club 23 west or The Red Room...

Here is my craigslist ad shamelessy copy & pasted...


I'm a young, employed, creative guy, looking for similar roomates. I'm Goth, into clothing design, gaming (D&D & 40K), not a big drinker, but am looking for other cool, interesting people to share my pad with. This place is a really good deal, and I'm looking for other art students/creative types/Alt people. Neo-Hippies, "Eco-Bike guys", other goths, art people, Theatre folk, neo-pagans, naturopaths, just something out of the ordinary.

This place can (and needs to) be re-decorated, but we are totally allowed to. We can even paint it. One room is currently painted with cows and sheep, and the kitchen is painted like stonework. That's really this places only big downside.

My biggest requirement is that A) You are clean, B) Quiet during the day (Be as loud as you want at night), and C) Are cool/interesting.

GLBT totally welcome as well.

I live in the downstairs, though I use the bathroom and kitchen upstairs.

Currently, there are no doors to the two bedrooms, but that will be getting rectified *shortly*. I use a curtain for my room :P

- Perfect location. 1 minute walk from Royal Oak station, 1 minute from 7-11, Bank, Safeway, Wholesaler, 10 minutes from Metrotown and Fitness World
- Right along a night bus route
- Big Backyard
- We are allowed to re-decorate however we want (including painting)
- Spacious
- Washer & Dryer
- Very bright and sunny
- Very quiet
- Not an apartment, having friends over late, or playing music is fine
- 420 Friendly (No dealing, and nothing harder. Occasional use).
- Place even has a small room/set up for a "Personal herb garden"
- Outdoor dog OK
- Large hot water tank
- Large project space downstairs
- A spare, small bedroom that would be perfect for guests out of town.
- I'm a really nice guy
- 2 small patio's. Back one is perfect for BBQ, front one is perfect for a smoke (It's next to the big bedroom)

The Bad
- This place is old, and ugly. But that can be changed.
- The basement is REALLY ugly, but it's where I live...
- There is plastic over the windows to keep in the heat.
- Kinda cold in the winter, a space heater might be useful.
- Dryer sounds like a jet engine

Shared bathroom, kitchen, and living room. The house has 3 entrances.

300 room is next to the kitchen/bathroom, and is currently painted with cows and sheep (no joke)
400 room is large, and close to the living room.
If interested, I could rent out BOTH bedrooms AND living room for 700. Pretty much the entire upstairs would be yours, I would just use the kitchen/bathroom.
Utilities are about 50 a month in the summer, or 100 a month in the winter. If you took the entire upstairs, bills would be re-adjusted.

My cell is 778 995 2912, please call in the early morning (before noon), or late night (after 9). I work at night, and sleep during the day.

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