What Do You Do to Unwind?

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Work, for the past several months has been taking far too much out of me. I'm stuck in the rat-race and I can't find the damned cheese. If I get any more irritable I will start eating random small dogs on the street. I need to get a handle on this.

So the question to you all is what do you do to shake off work when you get home? What do you make time for? Where do you find your energy?

What Do You Do to Unwind?

That's easy I drink and cut my self.....I'm a big drinker and I'm not going to stop drinking either. I have alot of pain and suffering in my past and upcoming furture so I drink.

Since "work" right now means university for me, I do not really have to wind down that much. Whenever I actually have to work (like over summer-vacation), it takes a bit more. Last summer, I just drove over to my girlfriend and then she had to cope with me being stressed out ;-) Since she no longer is my girlfriend, I won't have this option this time... oh bugger!

But anyway, I have half an hour's bike-ride from my work, so I am somewhat relaxed when I arrive. Then I usually cook, or just have half a liter of something cool (non-alcoholic).

There there Harrysheep, it's ok, I'm sure your a bit old for any one (other than Papua New Gunie natives) to be stewing.

On-line poker does the unwindy for me.  Nothing like a little cards with goons you can't see to take the stress of the day and fold it till its all corners...

Pocket aces anyone??(kewl)

See, I would love that...  in a big ol' soaker tub.  However, the bathtub at my new place is tiny and wee.  Aw, shucks darn.  However, when I get my own place, I will get a huge tub and live in it.  Or something.

Bubble baths. Big, giant bottle of Lilac Bubble Bath is my best friend. Lock bathroom door, insert ear plugs, light candles..... aaaaaahhhhhhh! Peace, quiet, and a womb-like feeling.

Beautiful.  : )

Yeah, but for some of us good music is easier to come by.  Oh wait.  That sounds bad.  :B  How 'bout "good music is more readily available."  That sounds better.  Yes, much better.

One of my favourite ways to unwind is to put on the most relaxing (and yet one of the most powerful, for me) CDs I own: Happy Songs for Happy People - Mogwai, light candles, sit quietly and just listen.  After a little bit, I stop just being someone listening to music, and I become part of the music...  or maybe it becomes part of me...  and I can completely lose myself for almost an hour.  It's one of the most relaxing things I can think of, and it is just so refreshing.

Of course, there's always the universal stress reliever: Sex.  ^__^  (Sorry, couldn't help myself)

agwa.. sounds rad...

when i get home from work i do what i probably shouldn't - hunker down in front of my pooter and talk to all my magical online friends.  it's less creepy that it sounds: i actually know most of them in real life and have for over 10 years now.  when i'm all done with that (4 hours later, heh) i'll do some sewing/design (and shaddap - i ain't girly).  or i'll read, but since i work in books it's not pure pleasure anymore.

but yeah, sewing's the big unwindy for me - nice to lose oneself in a task for a few hours and create something useful as a result (bonus!).

or sometimes i just go to the railway and drink.  har.  radioactive's become a regular thing for me too (sick at home tonight, canna go, alas).  they played Living Colour a coupla weeks ago.. it was the best parts of high school all over again....

i hear you on the corporate-grind thing. luckily i get to be somewhat creative in my job these days so it's not as soul-crushing as it was a year or so ago.

I am a computer and video game junkie!! When I come home from work I plunk myself down as my computer and either play a First person Shooter game...or one of my favourite RPG games, Neverwinter Nights. Aside from that, recently having just gotten back into play Magic the Gathering, my boyfriend and I go out to a coffee shop (which has a smoking room) and drink coffee and play some Magic.  And then there is the always popular sitting back and watching a movie. For me, these things take me away from the stress and annoyances of the 'real' world. I can remove myself from reality and pretend to be an awesome kick-ass Red Dragon Disciple :)

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