Sin City Fetish Night

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"#1 Best Fetish Night In Vancouver"

"Sin City's DJ Pandemonium #2 DJ in Vancouver"
"Best Place To Dance Topless" - Georgia Straight
"Most Radical Fetish Night in Vancouver"
"Most Modern Place To Get Some" - Terminal City
"One Of Those Rare Events Where Literally Anything Goes" - ABORT Magazine
"Consistently Rated One Of Vancouver's Top Alternative Events" - XTRA West

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Sin City events usually occur on the 2nd Saturday of the month. This can vary.  See either the Sin City website up-to-date event scheduling and locations. 

Dancing + Sin City dungeon!
19+ with ID / Absolutely no minors!
Fetish Dress Code strictly enforced!
Official website :

Plain jeans, cargo pants, briefs or boxers, t-shirts, suits and work clothes. Absolutely no street or casual wear! Lower genital nudity is not permitted.

Suggested attire includes but is certainly not limited to - vinyl, pvc, leather, rubber, bondage, straps, chaps, full-on goth, punk, cyber, tuxedo, tailcoats / fancy dress, military / full uniform, fantasy or period costume, armour, drag / cross-dress, body paint, fancy lingerie, kilt, or any other risque costume your perverted little mind can dream up ... but please, not "just underwear!"

From the moment the doors open, party going folk invade the club en masse and Sin is well known for being already crazy by 9:45 PM less than an hour after the doors open! COME EARLY so as not to miss any of the action!

And we mean that literally! Six years old now, Sin City fetish parties can regularly be counted on to be jam packed full of awesome people shedding their hang-ups, cutting loose and going wild once a month in a no-holds barred yet safe environment, where people can dress even SEXIER than usual with LESS of the problems and hang-ups you''ll find at most club nights! Most people are MORE open to meeting new and new types of people or enjoying new or new types of music at fetish parties than even the most jammin' club night. Attendees range from every age, music scene and sexual orientation out there, with the result of a party unlike any other where people forget about personal judgements, stereotypes & all that other nasty stuff that gets in the way of having full-on partying!

Our cadre of Sin City DJs come armed to the teeth with a hugely diverse collection of music and the #1 priority of getting you crazy on the notorious Sin City dancefloor. Get your freak on in the main room to a sultry smorgasbord of retro and 80's, industrial & gothic, tribal, rock, dirty electronika & dance tunes galore, or, bump and grind to underground house and electro all night in the downstairs room!

Whether you're a complete newcomer or a regular enthusiast, and no matter how you like to spend your time in public, there is a place for you to claim as your own. Get crazy on one of the two dancefloors, chill out in the lounge & seating area inside or on the large outdoor, private, covered patio overlooking Blood Alley, or check out the dungeon in the second room, fully kitted out with a variety of sturdy, padded bondage gear, friendly dungeon monitors, and plenty of viewing space for the voyeurs at heart.

Promoter contact info:
Pandemonium - - DJ, Promotion, Advertising, Technical & Venue

Who is the photographer that does the phtographs at Sin City?  Does he have a web site or email address you can reach him at?  Thanks.

What's the best time to show up there? Is there usually a lineup?

Showing up early is definitely in your best interest. By 11 o'clock there is usually a significant line up. I usually show up between 10:30 and 11:00 and usually there are about a dozen or so people there at that point to scowl at me as I flash my staff card and jump the line ;)

Also, don't neglect to bring two pieces of ID, one piece of photo-ID and one other piece such as a bank card or credit card that has your name on it. Club 23 West has had more than it's fair share of run-ins with the city and strictly enforces the ID requirement. That's also the reason for the line-up - they've been dinged in the past for going over capacity and don't take any chances anymore.

If you see someone who is clearly not dresses appropriately (some people come through claiming "they will change inside" and whatnot) tell one of the staff, preferably the event staff not the bar staff. Brandon or Aaron would be the best to tell. Brandon is the guy at the door who almost always wears a cop uniform. Aaron is the older guy with fangs that usually has some kind of armor on. If you are really in doubt about who to tell, the coat-check girls can always point you to the right person.