Sin City Fetish Night

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"#1 Best Fetish Night In Vancouver"

"Sin City's DJ Pandemonium #2 DJ in Vancouver"
"Best Place To Dance Topless" - Georgia Straight
"Most Radical Fetish Night in Vancouver"
"Most Modern Place To Get Some" - Terminal City
"One Of Those Rare Events Where Literally Anything Goes" - ABORT Magazine
"Consistently Rated One Of Vancouver's Top Alternative Events" - XTRA West

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Sin City events usually occur on the 2nd Saturday of the month. This can vary.  See either the Sin City website up-to-date event scheduling and locations. 

Dancing + Sin City dungeon!
19+ with ID / Absolutely no minors!
Fetish Dress Code strictly enforced!
Official website :

Plain jeans, cargo pants, briefs or boxers, t-shirts, suits and work clothes. Absolutely no street or casual wear! Lower genital nudity is not permitted.

Suggested attire includes but is certainly not limited to - vinyl, pvc, leather, rubber, bondage, straps, chaps, full-on goth, punk, cyber, tuxedo, tailcoats / fancy dress, military / full uniform, fantasy or period costume, armour, drag / cross-dress, body paint, fancy lingerie, kilt, or any other risque costume your perverted little mind can dream up ... but please, not "just underwear!"

From the moment the doors open, party going folk invade the club en masse and Sin is well known for being already crazy by 9:45 PM less than an hour after the doors open! COME EARLY so as not to miss any of the action!

And we mean that literally! Six years old now, Sin City fetish parties can regularly be counted on to be jam packed full of awesome people shedding their hang-ups, cutting loose and going wild once a month in a no-holds barred yet safe environment, where people can dress even SEXIER than usual with LESS of the problems and hang-ups you''ll find at most club nights! Most people are MORE open to meeting new and new types of people or enjoying new or new types of music at fetish parties than even the most jammin' club night. Attendees range from every age, music scene and sexual orientation out there, with the result of a party unlike any other where people forget about personal judgements, stereotypes & all that other nasty stuff that gets in the way of having full-on partying!

Our cadre of Sin City DJs come armed to the teeth with a hugely diverse collection of music and the #1 priority of getting you crazy on the notorious Sin City dancefloor. Get your freak on in the main room to a sultry smorgasbord of retro and 80's, industrial & gothic, tribal, rock, dirty electronika & dance tunes galore, or, bump and grind to underground house and electro all night in the downstairs room!

Whether you're a complete newcomer or a regular enthusiast, and no matter how you like to spend your time in public, there is a place for you to claim as your own. Get crazy on one of the two dancefloors, chill out in the lounge & seating area inside or on the large outdoor, private, covered patio overlooking Blood Alley, or check out the dungeon in the second room, fully kitted out with a variety of sturdy, padded bondage gear, friendly dungeon monitors, and plenty of viewing space for the voyeurs at heart.

Promoter contact info:
Pandemonium - - DJ, Promotion, Advertising, Technical & Venue

Thanks Freaker.  You didn't mention wether the Toga idea was ok or not.  I don't mind wearing one but I don't want to bother if its not going to cut it at the door.

this event isn't military - it's religious I believe.  I don't know if they'd let you in or not.

Bring a large wood crucifix and a loin cloth.

Actually that'd probably work.  Head down to fetwear or some of the other stores for a quick fix.  Good clothes take time to acquire and you can't start too soon.  For less expensive options, head to value village or salvation army and spend a few hours rooting through the rax. 

For me, I've been cheating and just buying suitable wear for each event - the last one was the first costume I did and there wasn't much to it.  If you have a good body you can pull of wearing very little.  Some examples of what I've seen:

Men in drag (always works, wouldn't do it myself - no one needs to see that)

Man wearing a crinolin

Mixture of kids costume items on an adult costume (example - PVC corset and a kids halo and wings, many many other examples exist)

Pretty much any real halloween costume or uniform

Man wearing a bathrobe (WTF was with that anyway)

Women wearing boy-cut briefs...and nothing else....mmmm...

You can get a few ideas from the pics but most people don't pose.  I have a friend who just takes normal clothes, cuts them up and stitches them together with safety pins, string or what have you and makes his own, significantly inexpensive costumes.  My last event was camo briefs (man were they tight) and a camo mesh shirt and camo hat.  It worked but probably only for the military one.  I don't think they make priestly duds in mesh tops or briefs, sadly.

Your best bet is to hook up with some regulars and have them vet your clothing choices.

Good luck.

Hi All,

   I'm looking forward to attending the June 11th Sin City Fetish night.  I'm kind of at a loss for what to wear.   A friend who has been in the past suggested a toga.  That doesn't seem be very fetishy to me but I'm wondering if this would be something that would allow me to get in. 

  The only other "fetish" type gear I have is some camoflage pants and a black army t-shirt.  That would be much more comfortable for me and possibly fits the idea of a uniform fetish...

Anyone think either of these ideas are good enough or will I be turned away at the door?

There are fans. After a certain point they just don't do any good anymore. Instead of cooling things off they just move the heat around - kind of like a convection oven.

Would you believe there is even an air-conditioner in there? It just can't handle the heat that's generated by all the people.

The only real solution is a larger venue, but that's a pretty poor "thank you" to the club that's made it successful. Nonetheless, there will be special events coming up in larger venues.

It was a great night out Sat. just gone. Music rocked! Even played Combichrist. Man, I never thought I'd get to hear one of their tunes played in Canada. It was rather heated on the dance floor... oh boy...  :o  :D

Sin City is not a full blown play party. Whips and floggers are OK in the dungeon, but if you're looking for a place to do suspension and piercing scenes BIO will be more what you are looking for ( ). The limit for nudity is no exposed genitalia - you could go down as far a g-string, but that's it.

Both BIO parties and the Sin City dungeon are monitored by the same people ( ) and you should ask them any specific questions, I'd recommend Reive ( ) as he's been with the Sin City dungeon the longest.


We are going to be visiting SinCity in April and were wondering what types of play are allowed or not, and what the 'un'dress code is.  Specifically curious about whips, floggers, canes, suspension, fireplay and full or partial nudity.


Megan from sunny Denver

Hey is there anyone else who is goin to be attending this event on mar 12 it will be my first time there and was just looking to meet some others

Thanks so much for the quick and helpful reply...

It helps knowing he can come up with something more theme-ish as opposed to leather.  Thank goodness Halloween stuff is available all year long here. I think we can pull it off.

Really looking forward to it!!


Jeans are a definite "no", sorry. "Fetish" clothes aren't the only thing that will get you in though. Maybe he could put together something dressier (and by that I mean *actually* dress up, not "west-coast dressed up" -- a business suit won't do, but a tuxedo would), period costume, or a uniform. Think of the dress code more as a fancy-dress costume party and put together something that is unambiguously *not* something you'd see anyone (short of a goth  ;) ) wearing on the street. Look through the photo gallery for ideas.

And if you do show up in something you're not sure about and there is a long line, go to the head of the line and ask the staff up front if it is worth waiting in the line. At least then you won't waste an hour in line just to be disappointed.

Hi, I'm about to attend my first Sin City and I could use some help clarifying the dress code.

I'm guite comfortable that my outfit will suit the requirements but need to know if my friend will be okay in his harley gear?

No leather, sadly, but jeans, boots, harley shirt, some chain. He's visiting from Seattle and i would hate for us to be turned away. I know some might call that street wear but so much of it is interpretation.

Please help!!


yeah, just the few times that i did go there i guess it was girls night (lesbians night) w/e and they wouldnt let my guy friends in because they are straight, so just wondering. but good to know.

is there anything different about the Valentines version of Sin City? there must be a twist right?

ex.: special treatment of the ladies perhaps?

well, twist or no twist count me in.

There is always the show-up-early / leave-early option. Sin City is typically lined up by 10:00, so you can get a few hours in with a good crowd and have the bonus of getting in before the line. And Sanctuary is free before 10:00 so even though it tends to start to get going a bit later, you've got nothing to lose. There are always some of us there that have to get up for work Monday and therefore arrive early and leave early. Personally I sort of liked it when Skank closed at midnight because it forced people to come out a bit earlier and the evenings generally ended on a high note.

Ok well ive just found out something. Im never going to be able to go to sincity or sanctuary till another 2 or 3 months, as i  live far from vancouver, and buses stop going to my place by like 1230am:(  Also none of my friends really drive at the moment, or just dont like that scene. So untill i have a liscence or friends who can drive out, I shall see you all in 2-3months. It drives me nuts as i hear how ppl have so much fun there too:(

Perhaps it was just me, but I didn't find Saturday to be as fun as usual. I thought the music was poor in general. Of course, there were a few good tracks (Cramps and Ministry spring to mind), but it was too slow for my liking. It surprises me that with such an alternative crowd that the dj plays a lot of what I would call mainstream music. I would expect more ebm (though this is not my favourite type of music, but still enjoyable to dance to) such as Icon Of Coil, Covenant, "dancier" Velcet Acid Christ, Assemblage 23, VNV Nation, Apoptygma Berzerk and perhaps some techno and trance (as they tend to do at the fetish nights in London). But hey, I appreciate that you can't please everyone all of the time  ;)

Amena, I looked out for you and asked Tiny, but you could not be found...

last night was wild and sinfully delicious.

the host Satan Klaus lived up to his name "Horny Old St. Nick." much fun was had by all.

I recomend everyone to check out the New Years BASH!

I do believe I'll be there. Not sure what I'll be wearing , but it will either be my cyberdog  equalizer shirt, or my textured PVC top and skirt, maybe!! You could always ask Isaac(DJ Pandemonium), Aaron(Mr.Dark), or Tiny(the bartender) who Amena is. They could point me out. Always glad to meet new people, if they are open and honest, and not players. Please introduce yourself. If I scope you I'll do the same. Happy Sin'ng! ;)

Who is going tomorrow? I'll be there - wouldn't miss it! Would love to meet up with some of you beforehand, but I'm not too sure what the reaction would be in the Irish Heather with all our "gear" on  :o I do have an apartment on Powell Street, so perhaps one day I'll invite you all...

If anyone wants to say "hi", I'll be wearing black leather pants and a black velvet t-shirt/shirt with a silver zip for the collar. I'm 35 years old,  5" 7', with very short (about a number "1" on the back and sides) dark brown hair. I tend to hang around the bar until 11, and then hit the dance floor once I am suitably "lubricated"  ;) If you hear an English accent then it might be me...  :K). I'll be with some friends, but I have no idea what they'll be wearing this time.

Valerian and I will be there. We generally show up 10:30ish (I'd recommend anyone else who doesn't want to be in line show up earlier, my "pay" for doing the photogallery is line-jumping privledges) to get a few pictures and then skip over to Decades at Rodaos around the corner where it is much easier to get to the bar (I prefer G&T to S&M ;) )

Who's going this Saturday? I'll be there early (9:30ish) as I have another party to go to afterwards.

Hope to meet some of you for some sinnin  :B

Just responded to your email.  Please tell me what you looked like that night.  I'll see if I can match it to photos.

Hi olas, Nick,

I have been emailing you personally but you are not responding so I will try one more time here b4 I give up.

I like your website it is nice, but I am wondering did you loose them picture's you took from SinCity on Aug. 14th?

I really would like to get the 7 or 8 pictures you took of me.

Lady with the very long hair!

I just sent a email today again to your personal account, hopefully one of these will work.



Definitely two events this month. The regularly scheduled Sin City is tonight at the usual venue (Club 23 West). On the 29th there is a special Hallowe'en event at Rodaos (formerly Club 7... more formerly the Twilight Zone).

I haven't talked to Aaron or Isaac about this since the idea was first bantied about. I'll check and post back here what the scoop is.


There's a rumor going around that you are holding a special Halloween Sin on the 29th. Any truth? Please say yes! I know I said I was taking a break, but you know I wouldn't miss an All Hallow's Sin if I can help it.


No worries about the triple post, I took care of the repeats.

Yup, I've done most of the photography. In the past there was another fellow, Jim S. that took pictures for the site as well. My friend Sandi also takes pictures that go on her MSN community, The Smoke Pit, first, which I archive off for her after they've been up there first for a month or so her since MSN has limited space. Recently there has been a new guy, a [s]photography student[/s] professional photographer named Nicholas Burke who has some seriously impressive gear that he has been bringing in and taking some very excellent pictures. He posts the ones he's happiest with on the site when he gets around to it. Trish, the door girl, has been known to bring her camera in from time to time and  contributed a few photos this month. Occasionally the promoters and DJs also bring in their own cameras and contribute a few photos as well.