Sin City Fetish Night

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"#1 Best Fetish Night In Vancouver"

"Sin City's DJ Pandemonium #2 DJ in Vancouver"
"Best Place To Dance Topless" - Georgia Straight
"Most Radical Fetish Night in Vancouver"
"Most Modern Place To Get Some" - Terminal City
"One Of Those Rare Events Where Literally Anything Goes" - ABORT Magazine
"Consistently Rated One Of Vancouver's Top Alternative Events" - XTRA West

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Sin City events usually occur on the 2nd Saturday of the month. This can vary.  See either the Sin City website up-to-date event scheduling and locations. 

Dancing + Sin City dungeon!
19+ with ID / Absolutely no minors!
Fetish Dress Code strictly enforced!
Official website :

Plain jeans, cargo pants, briefs or boxers, t-shirts, suits and work clothes. Absolutely no street or casual wear! Lower genital nudity is not permitted.

Suggested attire includes but is certainly not limited to - vinyl, pvc, leather, rubber, bondage, straps, chaps, full-on goth, punk, cyber, tuxedo, tailcoats / fancy dress, military / full uniform, fantasy or period costume, armour, drag / cross-dress, body paint, fancy lingerie, kilt, or any other risque costume your perverted little mind can dream up ... but please, not "just underwear!"

From the moment the doors open, party going folk invade the club en masse and Sin is well known for being already crazy by 9:45 PM less than an hour after the doors open! COME EARLY so as not to miss any of the action!

And we mean that literally! Six years old now, Sin City fetish parties can regularly be counted on to be jam packed full of awesome people shedding their hang-ups, cutting loose and going wild once a month in a no-holds barred yet safe environment, where people can dress even SEXIER than usual with LESS of the problems and hang-ups you''ll find at most club nights! Most people are MORE open to meeting new and new types of people or enjoying new or new types of music at fetish parties than even the most jammin' club night. Attendees range from every age, music scene and sexual orientation out there, with the result of a party unlike any other where people forget about personal judgements, stereotypes & all that other nasty stuff that gets in the way of having full-on partying!

Our cadre of Sin City DJs come armed to the teeth with a hugely diverse collection of music and the #1 priority of getting you crazy on the notorious Sin City dancefloor. Get your freak on in the main room to a sultry smorgasbord of retro and 80's, industrial & gothic, tribal, rock, dirty electronika & dance tunes galore, or, bump and grind to underground house and electro all night in the downstairs room!

Whether you're a complete newcomer or a regular enthusiast, and no matter how you like to spend your time in public, there is a place for you to claim as your own. Get crazy on one of the two dancefloors, chill out in the lounge & seating area inside or on the large outdoor, private, covered patio overlooking Blood Alley, or check out the dungeon in the second room, fully kitted out with a variety of sturdy, padded bondage gear, friendly dungeon monitors, and plenty of viewing space for the voyeurs at heart.

Promoter contact info:
Pandemonium - - DJ, Promotion, Advertising, Technical & Venue

Hello. I have never been to Sin City but would love to go.  I am  a crossdresser and would like to go enfemme.. May I ask, would I feel out of place and would this be considered as a valid costume?  For my first time would Richards or Club 23 be best? Thanks very much for your help.

hi, we have enjoyed a handful of sin city nights and look forward to the next, but were wondering if there is a halloween SIN CITY on the saturday before or anything?

October 9th @ Club 23 West, and October 28th @ Richard's On Richard's.

No Friday night stuff going on that I know of, but check back closer to your travel dates & maybe something will have come up by then.

As for lodging, depends on your budget.  If you're coming up for the Richard's event, you might stay at the Chateau Granville or Howard Johnson or Granville St.,  both are very cheap, and both are only a couple of blocks from Richard's as well as our Sunday night Goth/alternative night Sanctuary (on Davie St) at Celebrities Night Club.  There's a Best Western nearby as well, also very cheap, which I believe is on Drake St.

If you're coming for the Club 23 event, you might stay at the Ramada (it's either on Hastings St. or Pender St., I forget which) or the Sandman Inn on Georgia St.  Both of those would be a quick cheap cab ride to the venue, or a good stretch of the legs (I recommend a cab though, would only set you back about $7 CAD including tip at the very most).  There are other hotels slightly closer, but they tend to be either more pricey or total dives.  Club 23 is located at the edge of a rather dodgy part of town.

If you're reaaaaally on a tight budget there's a few backpacker's hostels downtown as well, but you'll have to look those up on your own because I forget the exact names.   Anyway, you can look up all this stuff on Google & get the addresses & rates if they interest you.  :)

Pardon if I put this in the wrong forum.

I really want to come up to Sin City, but I'd hate to take a road trip and find out that I screwed up.  Would someone reassure me of the October date?  And would anyone recommend a Friday night outing, in case I make it up there in time?

Also, if anyone would recommend lodging (preferably within stumbling distance; never been to BC, don't know what to expect financially) I would be "stick-my-arse-out-so- you spank-me" grateful.


Vex, getting changed at the venue is ok, fliers can be picked up from New World and other retailers, but you can print them off from ClubVibes.

You'll have to have your passport to get into Club23 and one other pice of ID.

Yay!!! will be going to Sin City on the 12 of August.  As I'll be staying with boyfriend's relatives, Is it OK to get changed in the SC venue? Oh, Where can we get fliers from? Hmmm... Is it two types photo ID should I be bringing from the uk? so many questions... :) Sweet Dreams. Xx 

Yeah, he DID look good, didn't he?  I was the winged demon by his side for most of the night.  'Course, I couldn't actually TOUCH him much, damnit, cuz red smudges didn't go with my look.  Bah.

That was a nice getup. Looks like a lot of work went into it. I just hope they fix that top-right subwoofer on the dance floor. It was ready to die by the end of the  night.  :)

July 8th Sin City

Are you seeing [color=red]RED ?

There was this guy ~ a red little devil.  Did you have a run in with him?  I mean literally.  I think you would know as he left his red marks on all his victims.

Well - that red devil was me and by the end of the night I was melting.  My red was dripping off.  If you fell victim to my red touch please accept my sincere apologies (the devil made me do it  ::) ).

Had a great time and hope you did too.

If only my shower wasn't so pink....

~ D

I just finished prepping them. I've got to hit the sack now, but I should be able to get them posted tomorrow after dinner. Check around 8:00 tomorrow night.

Atratus.....dude...I am sure that you're busy, but do you have any idea when the pics from the June Sin City are going to be up?


I'm coming in from out of town. Just want to make sure I'm not driving all that way for nothing. SC is on tomorrow night, right?

No, it's true. Sin City will be going twice monthly starting in July or August (details yet to be confimed). The regular night on the second Saturday of each month will continue at Club 23 West, the new night will be on the last Saturday of the month at Richard's on Richards.

Sweet, thanks, Adam was of the oppinion that that had no chance of getting in, so I thought I'd check with you guys.

That would pass. If it is worn in a way that isn't just "ordinary business suit" you are good. With a waistcoat, bow-tie and top-hat you are into the realm of "period costume".

I know that this has been asked to death, what is acceptable in the way of suits at Sin? Would a three pice suit with a top hat and bow tie pass, or would it have to be a tux and tails?

I'm new here so please forgive my ignorance.  Is the Sin City for April on the 8th?  What's the best time to arrive to ensure that'll be able to get in to the club? Thanks so much for the info.  :)

Last month the line died down pretty early, Maybe that was just December, however. A lot of people are out of town and whatnot.

In August I waited a recird hour and a half to get in. Thats the WORST I have ever seen it, but I got there really late that day, so.. That may have been it?

I have friends coming to meet me at Sin City but they won't be able to get there till 10 or 11pm. Will there be a line up to go in that late? Or is it worth while to print out tickets on  for Sin City?

Yea, hangovers suck. I had a nasty hangover from the Blarney Stone a couple weeks ago. I don't know why I'm putting this in the Sin City section though......well, it is the clubbing section at least.

demonicus here...

I finally am back in vancouver after spending a year in calgary.

I did get to experience the wonders of kinky night in cowtown and happened to make friends with SHAE BARRY the host.

Anyways I'm trying to find some places to purchase clothing of the fetish type.

Anyone know of some good places for PVC and such in vancouver.

Custom work is perfered.

Also does anyone know what happened to mike who was the leathersmith at Cabbages and KINX?

I haven't heard anything about an extra Hallowe'en edition of Sin City this year. However, there is Mr. Dark's Cirque de Sade on the 29th which encourages more costume-y attire anyway, not to mention the Waldorf has air contidioning so you won't melt in a fancy costume.

A quick question about Sin City in October - are there 2?  One on the 8th and one on Hallowe'en?  Anything I should know about the Hallowe'en one other than be there waaaay early?  Thanks in advance.

It's funny I was thinking of going as an Angel for my first time ever at Sin City, even before hearing that it was religious themed, and it was a previous costume I had for Halloween.  I have black wings (though it's a little crooked) to go with the costume, and a flaming sword made from a stick and orange paper (too conspicuous to bring over though).

Somewhat ironic considering I was originally going over to Vancouver from Victoria for Deicide.

Thanks Freaker and Pope. 

I thought it sounded a little silly myself but it was recommended to me by someone who is a regular.  I just wanted a second opinion.

I also wouldn't want to comment on what's definitely going to work - I am not one of the blessed organizers of this event (Thanks to those that are - it's awesome), and I'd hate to be wrong.  I don't like getting a total stranger angry at me, except in traffic.

Good luck.